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5 ways your friends can make you a better mom

Between balancing your busy family and work schedules, spending time with friends can seem like a luxury. But if you ask us, every mom deserves to make growing and enriching her friendships a priority! Having that quality time with girlfriends, whether it’s out on the town or hanging at your house after the kids are in bed, will not only help you feel more fulfilled in your own life – it could even make you a better mom. Here are a few reasons why.

1. You’ll maintain a sense of community
We all get caught up in our own family lives and issues – it’s human nature. Spending time with friends can help you keep that sense of community that’s so important to our mental, emotional and even physical health. Plus, hearing about what your friends are going through or struggling with can give you some perspective on your own problems!

2. You’ll have a chance to relax
Sometimes you just need to have a conversation with another adult, regardless of the subject matter. We all need social contact – and parents, especially, need time with friends in order to de-stress and manage their emotions. Taking some time to relax with your friends on a regular basis is key to great self-care. When parents take care of themselves, they can take even better care of their kids.

3. It can help break up your routine.
Don’t get us wrong – routine is important, especially with young children. But we all need a break from “the usual” now and then. Going out with friends is a great way to step out of your day-to-day grind and have a little fun.

4. It helps you remember that there’s more to you than just “mom.”
As rewarding as parenthood is, we all need reminders now and then that there’s more to us than our role in our families. Maybe you’re also a singer, or an avid football fan, or an independent businesswoman. Taking time to talk about your whole self, and to appreciate your friends for their whole selves, is always important.

5. You come back refreshed.
It’s amazing how refreshing a night out (or in) with your friends can be. Burn-out can happen to moms just like it can to anyone else, so investing in your friendships and yourself is vital to prevent this from happening. Keeping a healthy balance between being a mom and being you helps you stay strong on those days when you need it.

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