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in February!

February marks the start of International Boost Your Self-Esteem Month, a month dedicated to promoting strength, confidence and self-love. It’s also the second month in a new year and a great time to reflect, reset and show ourselves the love that we deserve.

February is also the month in 2012 that Thirty-One launched our charitable program, Thirty-One Gives, because we believe confident girls become strong women who lead healthy families and build thriving communities.

Boost your own self-esteem and the self-esteem of others all year long with gifts and projects that incorporate our giving-inspired Littles Carry-All™ Caddy. With its clear heart icon, it’s the perfect way to share a little love with those you care about.

Give an affirmations basket

Give a gift that will inspire self-love and confidence all year long by creating an affirmations basket or an “attitude of gratitude” basket. Take slips of paper and write down quotes, compliments, Bible verses or reminders. Put the slips of paper in a caddy for a source of inspiration and affirmation all year long. Create enough slips to pull one out every week, day, or however often you want. These baskets also make a kind and thoughtful gift for a child, friend or someone who you know is going through a hard time.

Get others involved by throwing a Thirty-One Gifts self-love party! Have your guests contribute by writing down affirmations like “You are beautiful,” “Kindness looks good on you” or “You inspire me.” Fill several Littles Carry-AllTM Caddies with the messages and then give them away through a random drawing. Or have guests “fill each others’ buckets” by writing positive notes specifically for each person.

Start a pen pal journal

As our kids grow older, it can be harder to get them to talk about what’s going on in their lives, especially if they’re going through a difficult and confusing time like adolescence. One creative way to create a dialogue and show your support for your child is to create a pen pal journal to pass back and forth to share thoughts, questions and build a connection.

Simply write a letter to your child in a notebook (our lined Keepsake Journal is the perfect size) and then place the notebook in a designated spot in the house. Placing the notebook in a caddy on the dining room table or the fireplace mantel makes for a perfect drop-off station. When your child sees the notebook in the basket, they’ll know it’s their turn to write a letter and then pass it back. Pen pal journals are a great way for them to talk about things on their mind that they might be too nervous to bring up in person.

Create a vision basket

Vision boards are a great way to visualize your goals and be reminded of them daily. Put a spin on this idea by creating a vision basket using the Littles Carry-All™ Caddy. A vision basket can remind you to take care of yourself and believe in your ability to reach your goals. Fill it with whatever you want – just make sure that what’s in it inspires you, empowers you or makes you happy. Here are a few ideas:

  • A stone, to keep you grounded
  • A candle in your favourite scent
  • A souvenir from a fondly remembered trip
  • A map of a place you want to visit someday
  • A photo of your family
  • A book that you love
Host a mental health retreat

What better way to boost mental health and self-esteem than by taking a little time off for a retreat? Host a retreat for the women in your life and give them a chance to get away, whether it’s for a weekend or just an evening, for some pampering and relaxation. Put together a self-care basket for each woman by filling a caddy with items like fuzzy socks, a journal, an affirmation card, bath essentials and a stress ball.

Let us know how you’ll be marking International Boost Your Self-Esteem Month by posting your ideas and photos with the hashtag #31gives.