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Gear up for sports this season!

Shoot and score with these on-the-go style totes, backpacks, cinch sacs, duffle bags and thermals. Fit everything you need for game time or practice in one of our bags, and make it your own with a sporty personalization!

Are you packing shoulder pads, helmets or other bulky equipment? How about loading up for a road trip with the team? Either way, we’ve got you covered! Use one of our larger-sized utility bags to pack all your sporting equipment and team needs.

Every athlete needs an easy-to-transport everyday bag to carry gear to and from practice. Keep their things together conveniently with one of our sporty bags featuring drawstring closures, hands-free options, spacious interiors and zipper pockets.

Stay hydrated and energized when you pack up one of our thermals for the big game! We’ve got thermals of all sizes, whether you’re packing for yourself or for the entire team. Find the thermal with the right features for you, like exterior pockets, washable lining, Leak Lock thermal lining and much more!

Personalize your products with one of our sports Icon-Its and text in your team’s colours! Choose from a wide variety of fall and winter sports and activities including basketball, volleyball, football, soccer, hockey, swim, cheerleading, ballet and more.

There are many other options to pick from, too – just get creative! Use the Paw Print Icon-It to cheer on your favourite team with a tiger, bulldog, panther or wildcat mascot; the Super Stars work great for your all-star, dancer, ice skater or pom squad member or choose the Horseshoe to represent equestrian or rodeo events. And give your bag extra personality with a sports-themed message!

Customize your bag!