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Get ready for spring “Your Way”

With spring just around the corner, there’s a lot to think about and prepare for. After spending so much time indoors over the course of the winter, things can get cluttered and disorganized. Outside, the garage and yard will need your attention to get them ready for the warm days ahead. So, where do you start? With Your Way™ Cubes, Rectangles and more storage solutions, of course!



In the kitchen and adjacent areas, the Your Way™ Cube, Your Way™ Rectangle and Stand Tall Bin are your best friends.

Organize your pantry by putting all loose items into Your Way™ Cubes or Your Way™Rectangles and arranging them side by side. The clear window lets you see the contents from the side it you have them on a higher shelf or you can label the contents in each container. Group soups, cereals, pastas, breads, canned goods, seasonings and paper products together in separate storage units.

Under the sink is another perfect place for a Your Way™ Cube or Rectangle to place all loose cleaning supplies, spray bottles, soap refills, scrub brushes and scouring pads. Inside a Your Way™ Cube, bottles don’t fall over, and they’re easy to all pull out at once for a serious kitchen cleaning.

If you have a mud room off your kitchen, it might be the place where things are flung about when the kids come in from school or playing outdoors. Give each of your kids a Your Way™Cube, Rectangle or Stand Tall Bin personalized with their name or initials so they know where to place their hats, gloves, shoes, scarves, shoes, book bags and more.

If you also have a dog in the house, your mudroom may be a catch-all for toys, leashes, collars and more. Once again, a Your WayCube or Your Way™ Rectangle is a great storage solution for rubber bones, balls, frisbees, chew toys, ropes, leashes and all the other dog-related things.

Is your laundry room positioned just off the kitchen? Put all your detergents, bleaches, starch sprays, dryer sheets and more together into a Your Way™Cube to reduce clutter and free up shelf space. If you do your laundry at a laundromat, the Your Way™ Cube is a great vehicle for toting all your laundry supplies there (and back!) with ease.  


Bathrooms can become messy really fast, but the right storage solutions keep things from getting too cluttered.

Next to the tub or shower, a Double Duty™ Caddy can conveniently hold all your shampoos conditioners and bottles of body wash. When you’re done bathing, just tuck the caddy away into a cabinet or linen closet if you don’t want it sitting out in the open. 

Depending on the size of your bathroom linen closet or shelving unit, you may be able to fit Your Way™ Cubes and/or Your Way™ Rectangles to hold all your other health and beauty needs, such as first aid and medicines, towels and washcloths, hair dryer and curler, extra toilet paper rolls, grooming supplies and cleaning supplies.

In the guest bathrooms, a Double Duty®Caddy, Deluxe Double Duty™ Caddy or Littles Carry-All™Caddy make great places to keep extra grooming products for overnight guests. In the kids’ bathroom, use the Your Way™ Cube to store bath toys next to the tub, along with baby oil, powders and lotions. 

Place a Stand Tall Bin in every bathroom to be used as a hamper for dirty clothes and used towels. With it’s sturdy side handles, it’s easy to carry back and forth from the bathroom to the laundry room. 


Basements and attics are usually the places we store all of our seasonal decorations, collectibles, keepsakes, and most everything we don’t need at the moment, but can’t bear to part with. Spring is a great time to get your shelving units organized and to get rid of anything you no longer need. Group and label Your Way™Cubes and Your Way™Rectangles you fill with: holiday decorations (separate by holiday), gift wrapping supplies (paper, bows, ribbon, tape), photo albums and keepsakes from college and high school, collectibles like comic books, baseball cards, dolls, flashlights and batteries, tools and more.

No basement or attic in your home? Just stack and store your Cubes and Rectangles in a closet or another convenient space. The Your Way™ Cube Lid and Your Way™ Rectangle Lid were made to let you conveniently stack multiple Cubes and Rectangles while keeping contents secure and dust-free.


Closets can get crazy cluttered with everything from shoes and slippers to toys, books and games. Once the weather gets warm, stow away winter clothes like sweaters, scarves, flannel pajamas, wool socks, gloves and mittens in Your Way™ Cubes and Your Way™ Rectangles. Add a lid and stack them up in closets with limited space to save room for the clothes you’re wearing now.

In your kids’ rooms, Your Way™Cubes and Rectangles make great storage solutions for dolls and their clothes, puzzles, games, books, action figures, dress-up clothes, extra bedding and blankets. For larger toys that need someplace to go other than the floor, place a Stand Tall Bin in the corner of the closet to hold those items.


Designed to fit standard hanging files, the Fold N’ File™is the perfect solution for keeping forms, receipts, invoices and tax returns together in one place. Cut out handles make it easy to carry with you for meeting with clients or business partners outside your home or office.

The Fold N’ File™Deluxe Organizer is a Hostess Exclusive that you can get your hands on when you host a Thirty-One party with your friends! An upgrade to our Fold N’ File™, it has multiple pockets and snaps that let you configure it seven different ways best suited to your needs – it even folds flat for storage!

For desk supplies, the Double Duty™ Caddy is a great way to reduce clutter and keep everything together in one place, from staples, paper clips and pens to sticky notes, flash drives and screen cleaner.



With spring on the way, it’s time to think about all those outdoor activities and chores that will be coming along with it. If your garage is a cluttered mess, these storage solutions might be just the thing you need to get organized. 

Clear up the workbench, shelves, and floor of your garage with the Your Way™Cubes and Stand Tall Bins. Gather the loose tools and place them in a Your Way™ Cube to keep workspaces clear and everything in one place. Likewise, utilize another Your Way™ Cube for all your grilling needs … utensils, lighter fluid, brushes, sauces, apron, thermometer and grill brush.

For larger items like sporting goods (hockey or lacrosse sticks, soccer balls and shin guards, baseball bats and gloves, etc.) or yard tools (rakes, hoes, shovels, brooms, brushes, etc.), invest in 2 or 3 Stand Tall Bins you can personalize with relevant text or Icon-Its™ that reflect the contents of each. 

Garden & yard

When you’re ready to start planting your garden and flower beds, the Deluxe Double Duty™Caddy is a must have. Its front pockets are perfect for keeping small gardening tools like pruning shears, spades and trowels, while inside there’s plenty of room for seed and bulb packets, gardening gloves, and small gardening stakes and twine.

When not in use, store hoses and nozzles, sprinklers, fertilizer sprays, watering cans and lawn ornaments in a Stand Tall Bin or Your Way™Cubes and Rectangles in the garage or tool shed.