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Making “sense” of National Craft Month

March is National Craft Month and the perfect time to dust off an old hobby or find a new one! Get those creative juices flowing with a craft that caters to one of your five senses – sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste.

Craft to see: Scrapbooking

Creating a scrapbook of your favourite memories expels some creative energy while preserving photos for the future. Use your scrapbooks to relive vacation fun, reminisce about your growing children or recall the good times you’ve shared with family and friends. Add the finished product to your closest bookshelf so you can look through it when you need a pick-me-up.

Organizing your scrapbooking supplies is a cinch! The Fold N' File keeps stickers, card stock and other papers close at hand – if they fit in a standard hanging file folder, they will fit in here! Make your own scrapbooking kit by filling an All-In Organizer with stamps, stamp pads, scissors and embellishments.

Craft to smell: Handmade beauty products

Making your own bar soap, facial scrub, lip balm and bath bombs can leave you marveling at your crafting skills every time you get ready for the day. Besides, what other craft comes close to an at-home spa day? Search for recipes on social sites like Pinterest and get the girls together for a fun make-and-take!

If crafting is your way to relax, then do-it-yourself toiletries are double-duty crafts – they’re relaxing to make and relaxing to use! What's more, the Double Duty Caddy is perfect for keeping all of your handmade beauty supplies organized and within reach. When spring break or summer vacation rolls around, fill a Glamour Case with your new beauty supplies.

Craft to hear: DIY instruments

Invite your kids to join the crafting fun. Making a band in a box is a great way to combine two childhood favourites – doing crafts and making noise! Clean and decorate an empty oatmeal container for a kid-sized drum. Make maracas by filling an empty plastic egg with dry rice, attaching plastic spoons for handles and covering it all with papier-mâché.

Store your children's new instruments (along with old favourites like a harmonica or song flute) in a Your Way Rectangle. Your budding musicians will always know where to look to create their next No. 1 hit!

Craft to feel: Knitting

You may associate knitting with the cozy hats and scarves you bundle up in during the cold winter months, but don't stash away the needles and yarn just yet! Instead, get the creative juices flowing by crafting up some homemade dishcloths or potholders. Prep for those cool evenings with a pretty shawl. Create an instant heirloom by knitting a baby blanket. Crafting has never been so cozy!

Knitting novices can find tons of how-to videos for beginners on sites like YouTube: just keep pausing and re-watching until you get the hang of it! Your local library is a great, free resource for knit and crochet pattern books.

Keep your yarn and other knitting supplies handy and portable around the house by storing them all in a Catch-All Bin. On the go? The Zip-Top Organizing Utility Tote is roomy enough for your knitting must-haves, and the strap makes it easy to transport so you can knit anywhere – at the airport, on the bus or in the doctor's waiting room.

Craft to taste: Edible crafts!

Not too handy with knitting needles or paintbrushes? Turn your crafting to the kitchen instead! Start simple (think apple slice “boats” topped with cheese “sails”) or go big with intricately decorated cookies to share with family and friends. However it turns out, one thing is for sure – your stomach will thank you.

Of course, presentation is the icing on the cake. Whether you’re preparing quick after-school snacks or dinner party desserts, a Close to Home Tray ups the elegance of edible creations.

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