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Mini Makeover: DIY under-the-sink transformation

The cupboard under your sink is home to all of your cleaning essentials, but does the space itself need a clean start? No need for a full kitchen makeover! Instead, learn how to revamp your sub-sink storage in a single afternoon so that it’s as fresh as the cleaning supplies you keep there.

Clear the cupboard

Chances are you keep practically everything but the kitchen sink under the kitchen sink! So start with a clean slate.

Empty your under-the-sink cupboard and place everything on a nearby counter. Yes, we mean everything! Only after you throw out the empty bottles and get rid of the supplies you never really use can you survey what is left and decide the best storage solutions for your space.

Gather supplies together

Separate the remaining supplies into groups based on how or where you use them. For example, a Your Way Rectangle or two can hold everything you need to wash the dishes. Use a Your Way Rectangle Basket with a liner to contain polishes, detergents and other bottles. Turn a Zip-Top Organizing Utility Tote into a mobile cleaning station with rubber gloves, multi-surface cleaners and a duster.

Personalized cubes can keep your supplies neatly labeled and simple for everyone in the family to find. Finally, no more excuses for anyone to shrug off cleaning duty!

Use empty space

Even after you’ve separated your supplies, you probably still have a handful of items that don't quite fit into any category – or that are used so often that they defy categorization. A few tools and a few minutes can give you easy access to these last few items whenever you need them.

Add a tension rod to hang spray bottles so they’re always a cinch to reach. Fasten hangers inside the doors to store scrubbers, dusters, towels and other frequently-used supplies.

Cleaning up is far less of a chore when your tools are tidy, organized and easy to find. A fresh new look under the sink may be all you need to spark your own cleaning expedition!

Love these organizing tips? Watch the video!

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