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Ideas for how to store your bags and purses

So, you just bought a new handbag because your other three are looking a bit shabby. One of them is hanging from a hook on the back of your bedroom door, another one is lying on the floor of your closet, and the third one is crammed in your dresser drawer where you keep most of your miscellaneous accessories. Yeah, they’re all still functional – no broken straps, holes or snagged zippers – but they’re definitely looking older than their years. Maybe it has something to do with how you’re storing them?

We have some great tips on how to extend the life of your favourite bags simply by storing them properly. With a little love and extra care, your handbags and purses can last way beyond their typical life expectancy and serve you well for years. Just remember: The better you treat your bags, the better they’ll treat you.

How to properly store your purse

It’s a good idea to engage in a good wipe-down with a clean, dry cloth before you store your purse. This is especially true for expensive bags you want to keep looking their best for as long as possible.

Simply letting a purse sit on the floor of your closet or hang from a hook in your bedroom aren’t good ideas. Hanging purses from their straps can distort the shape of the handles. Like shoes and any other article of clothing, bags need to be handled and stored with care to preserve their original appearance.

For more expensive handbags or purses, use a soft, breathable dust bag or a cotton pillowcase large enough to hold it without altering its shape. If you use a pillow case, make sure it’s a neutral colour to prevent any colour transfer. Never store your bags in plastic or vinyl, because moisture could get trapped inside.

Storage Tip: Store your bags out of direct sunlight to avoid fading.

If you don’t have a dust bag or you can’t spare a pillowcase, you should line your bags up on a shelf in your closet. Cross the handles over each other to avoid wear on the bag and unclip any removable straps for long-term storage. If the shelf isn’t tall enough, be sure not to let the handles of the bag be pressed down. Instead, lay your bags flat on their sides.

Help maintain the shape of your bags by stuffing them with scarves, sweaters or acid-free tissue paper. Hardware on one bag shouldn’t be allowed to touch another bag, because it could leave a mark. If you have a bag that’s patent leather, be extra careful when storing it. Anything that it touches may cause a colour transfer from the patent leather to whatever is next to it. Do your best to keep jewelry and zippers that could scratch your bag’s metal hardware away. A go-to household item, Mr. Clean’s Magic Erasers, are great for cleaning up tarnished and grimy hardware.

Maintenance Tip: Regular use of a leather moisturizer will keep leather purses supple and free of cracks.

With a little extra time and care, your favourite handbags and purses can have a long, productive (and attractive) life. Wear and tear will do a number on them, so don’t add to the problem with less-than-stellar care habits. Rotate your most-used handbags so they don’t wear out too quickly, and remember to save a little room on your shelves for your off-duty bags. Do your best to keep them dust-free so you don’t have to clean them so frequently.

If you follow these tips for storing your purses, your bag will be hanging around for a long time!