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Resolve to get organized!

If you’ve always wanted to organize that messy playroom, home office, basement or other space, 2018 is the time to move that task to the top of your resolution list! Start the new year with some new tips to keep your home organized with everything in its place.

Hang it up

Desks, tables and countertops can quickly become messy and cluttered. Utilize that empty wall space above with a colorfulful pegboard, and hang your must-haves so they’re visible and always within reach. Oh-Snap Bins can hold scissors, markers, pens and other small items that get lost in the crowd. The long handle of the Littles Carry-All Caddy means it’s easy to make mobile – fill it, hang it and then take it down and move it around to wherever you need it!

Remember to think outside the bag to use your favorite accessories in fun new ways. For example, the Hanging Traveler Case is great for your next getaway, but it’s also ideal to store and hang crafting or office supplies.

Shelve it away

If you’re running out of floor space, look up! A new shelving unit is an easy and functional way to multiply storage space in the kitchen, bedroom, office or wherever your “stuff” seems to pile up. Bins, baskets and totes can keep like items together and organized.

In the closet, Your Way Cubes can contain the chaos of your kids' collection of building blocks or racecars. On pantry shelves, Deluxe Utility Totes hold large kitchen staples and items like paper towels. Wherever you have a shelf, a Catch-All Bin can carry the odds and ends you want fast access to when you're on the move.

Show it or stow it

Cleaning clutter is only half of the organization battle. The other half is finding it all again after you've placed it in its new home! As you’re choosing the best way to organize your files, toys, sewing supplies or other items, think about whether you want to show them off or hide them away.

Pick a Your Way Cube or Your Way Rectangle with a clear side panel for a peek into what's inside before you pull it off the shelf. Alternatively, choose a chalk panel or a personalization option to label the contents while keeping the items inside hidden from view. Want the best of both worlds? The Fold-Up Family Organizer has four clear pockets so you can see at a glance what's inside, but it also snaps shut if you want a more streamlined look.

What have you resolved to organize?

Show us how you’re staying organized in the new year with your favorite Thirty-One Gifts products! Tag photos of your new and improved space using #thirtyone and share your best ideas!