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Seasonal switch-up

A change in the weather is the perfect opportunity to change up your home décor and create a warm, inviting place to welcome holiday guests for Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas. Sprucing up a space can be affordable, too! Read on to learn how you can make a big impact and get in the holiday spirit by swapping out just one or two products each season.

Write or personalize a seasonal message on a Your Way Cubeor Your Way Rectangle in the drop zone or living room. The best part is, it can be updated as often as you want - even every day!

Dress up the couch with a spooky and silly Skeleton or Jack O’ Lantern Icon-It now and a personalized design from the Holiday Gift Guide later. You can use the same insert and just replace the pillow cover when you want a refresh.

Food is at the center of most fall and winter holidays, so chances are you’ll be bringing family and friends together around the table very soon. Candles, flowers, pumpkins and pinecones or a wood piece like the Close to Home Tray set the table and set the mood.

Whether it’s mums in October, poinsettias in December or a touch of green any time this winter, plants bring a little of the outdoors inside during the chillier seasons. Set a small planter inside a Mini Storage Bin for a natural look that blends seamlessly with the rest of the home.

Give a gallery wall a seasonal update by trading one or two pieces for the holidays. Choose the Sweet Spaces Décor with a seasonal Acorn Monogram or Statement Wall Art with a playful Christmas theme. You can even hang favourite family photos from the holidays among your year-round frames.

Shop for all these ideas and more to make your home holiday-ready!