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Rewards for Consultants

Earn 25% commission all day every day, plus early access to new products and an additional 10% personal sales bonus when you reach $2,000 in Personal Volume.Full-time job or part-time side gig, how many rewards you earn is up to you!


Connection is at the heart of what we do.

At Thirty-One, we believe in flexible opportunities, a supportive sisterhood, and the chance to earn additional income YOUR way. We are a community of open doors and encouragement. This has always been what drives us.

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How to earn

It's easier to earn commission and bonuses than you might think. This chart explains how our monthly commission and bonuses work.

Right from the start, all day every day 25% commission + Hit $2,000 in monthly sales & earn: 10% personal sales bonus
per month
$1 Start Earning
$100 $25
$500 $125
$1,000 $250
$1,500 $375
$2,000 $500 + $200*
Hit $2,000+ Personal Volume each month & get 35% commission on ALL PV, NO LIMIT.

Here’s some example earning opportunites!

Trendy Trio solution set

sell 5 $150+ earned sell 10 $350+ earned sell 15 $550+ earned sell 20 $950+ earned

2 Based on full retail value. See details


Fashion Flair solution set

sell 5 $150+ earned sell 10 $300+ earned sell 15 $500+ earned sell 20 $900+ earned

2 Based on full retail value. See details


Classic Carrier solution set

sell 5 $50+ earned sell 10 $150+ earned sell 15 $250+ earned sell 20 $325+ earned

2 Based on full retail value. See details

How much do Consultants earn?

As with any business, success depends on the amount of time you devote to your business and the amount of work you put into it. It’s all up to you! Here’s an idea of what to expect.

Statement of Typical Participant’s Earnings 2019
The primary source of income of a Typical Participant in the Compensation Plan (the “Plan”) of Thirty-One Gifts Canada Inc. (“Thirty-One Gifts”) is from compensation on personal and downline sales of products. Personal Earnings will vary.

Based on the past earnings experience of Company Consultants, the following amounts of compensation could be expected to be received by the given percentages of participants in the Plan during the last year.

A Typical Participant in the Plan is defined as an Independent Consultant who has been engaged in the Plan for at least one year, and who actively engages in the activities necessary to realize the benefits of the Plan (i.e. active in at least five of twelve months). A Typical Participant in the Plan earns between Cdn $132 and $1,000 annually.

Please note that these earnings have been derived from the past earnings experiences of Thirty-One Gifts. This Statement of Typical Participant’s Earnings will be updated annually.

Consultant Yearly Income3% of all Consultants4,5
$0 — $999 50.19%
$1,000 — $1,999 23.99%
$2,000 — $2,999 9.69%
$3,000 — $3,999 4.20%
$4,000 — $4,999 2.24%
$5,000 — $9,999 4.64%
$10,000 and Over 5.05%

1. Shipping and handling charges and sales tax will also be charged. Enrollment Kit subject to change based on available inventory. Consultants may choose to have a personal website and branded emails sent to your Customers, currently $16.95 per month. Once subscribed, Consultants may cancel their monthly website subscription at any time. See the Consultant Guidebook for more information.

2. Commissions represented are based on full retail sales price of each item and should be used as an estimate only.  Your Commission may be different based on redemption of Hostess Credits, sales and specials, personal sales bonuses and/or overrides.

3. Income is defined as commissions earned by a Consultant from Thirty-One for her sale of products and any applicable overrides as defined in the Career Path booklet.

4. This table includes Consultants as of 31 December 2019 (or earlier in the year if the Consultant relationship was terminated).

5. This table includes 96,766 Consultants who were active for at least one month in 2019. An active Consultant is defined as a Consultant who submits $200 in personal sales volume in a rolling three-month period (including the current month and two months prior).