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What's Your 2021 Style?

2021 is here and with it, lots of surprises and positive vibes are (hopefully!) coming your way. We’re so excited about the great styles we have this season, from classic faves to hot, new raves, that we want to help you find the style that’s perfectly suited to you.

That’s why we’ve invented our 2021 Style Quiz to help you discover which fashionably functional pieces to include in your new year wardrobe. Ready to take the quiz? Let’s do it!

Select one answer from each of the choices below to get your result!

What is your personal mantra for the new year?

A. Versatility AND variety are the spices of life!

B. Simple and classic is the way to go!

C. I need help getting organized!

D. I need to get away and have some more fun!

Which word best describes you?

A. Innovative

B. Stylish

C. Practical

D. Carefree

Which features excite you the most?

A. Hands-free adjustable straps + top handles

B. Spacious interior + zip closure

C. Lots of pockets + laminated, easy-clean interior

D. Shoulder length handles + adjustable/detachable crossbody strap

How are you planning to use your bag/tote (when things get back to normal)?

A. Casual purposes: errands, classes, work… even hiking!

B. For shopping, evenings out, church or to social events

C. For business and school, family outings or even the gym

D. For weekend travel or day trips to casual places

What type of fabrication do you want in your new bag/tote?

A. Faux leather is ideal

B. Something with a soft texture and faux leather details would be nice

C. Something durable and easy to clean

D. A nice brushed cotton or canvas with faux leather details

High Street Backpack

If you selected mostly A’s, that’s AWESOME! The High Street Backpack will make 2021 an adventure-filled year for you!

Cindy Tote

If you selected mostly B’s, BUENO! The Cindy Tote™ is your kind of style!

Zip-Top Organizing Utility Tote

If you selected mostly C’s, you should CELEBRATE! The Zip-Top Organizing Utility Tote (ZOUT) is the organizing solution for you!

Takealong Weekender

If you selected mostly D’s, that is DIVINE! The Takealong Weekender will take you places you’ve never been!

Products shown are from Fall '20 Season, available from 9/1/20 to 2/28/21. For more information about product availability contact your Consultant or to go