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3 easy ways to be more sustainable

This season, we thought about how our bags can play their part in a more sustainable world. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, in 2017 landfills received 26.8 million tons of plastic. That’s a lot of waste. But by making small changes, like swapping disposable plastic bags for reusable options in our day to day activities, we can all make a difference for our planet.

Sustainable shopping

One of the simplest ways to reduce plastic waste is by bringing reusable tote bags along when you go shopping, especially to the grocery store. Instead of getting plastic bags at the checkout, put groceries back in your cart and then load them in your reusable Essential Storage Totes or Foldaway Totes in the car – you won’t have to touch multiple plastic bags, and you’re keeping them out of the trash! (Plus, reusable totes are often larger and more durable, meaning you won’t need to make as many trips from the car when you get home.)

Sustainable snacking

When packing school lunches for the kids or your own work lunch, ditch the single-use plastic sandwich baggies and instead opt for reusable food storage options like our Snack & Go Pouch. This little bag is food-safe and the perfect size to fit a sandwich or pack fresh fruit or crackers. Plus, you’ll be saving money by not repurchasing plastic baggies just to throw them away come lunch time.

Sustainable gifting

With the holidays approaching, now is the perfect time to invest in reusable gifting vessels. Instead of stocking up on wrapping paper, which can usually only be used once (unless you have kids with super-human self-control), try using Timeless Memory Pouches in Large and Small sizes for little gifts like jewelry, gift cards, candles and perfume. Cute gift baskets like the Littles Carry-AllTM Caddy, Tiny Utility Tote or Medium Utility Tote in festive prints are also great ways to cut down on wrapping paper waste while still keeping up the holiday spirit.