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Actually, I Can

As women, we tend to be our worst critics; we believe things that simply aren’t true. What if you WERE good enough, just the way you are? What if failure wasn’t an option? What if you believed, “Actually, I Can”?

Today, take a minute to think about all the things you're capable of (we think you can do anything you put your mind to!), and share that positivity with the women around you.

We’re going ALL IN this fall to inspire others to believe in themselves. When we take time to better ourselves from within, we inspire others to believe – “Actually, I Can.”

Write a love letter to yourself

Play this fill-in-the-blank game to get yourself in a positive headspace! Without reading the story, fill in the blanks with a word of your choosing. When you've filled them all in, read it back to yourself and feel the love.

Wear your confidence close to your heart

Design an “Actually, I Can” charm to wear (or gift!) as a reminder to keep moving forward, no matter what life tosses your way. Our Personalization Studio makes it easy to create a custom piece of jewelry that makes a statement, like a personalized Just Write™ Rectangle Charm on a long Dainty Rolo Chain.

Pin up these mantra cards

Use these fun, printable mantra cards to spread the love and keep the positivity going! Hang them on your mirror or leave them for others to find as a reminder of all the amazing things you and others are capable of.

Help survivors of domestic violence

More than 1 in 3 women will experience some form of domestic violence in her lifetime. That’s why this fall, we’re standing with survivors by supporting an issue that affects so many.

Throughout the entire fall season, Thirty-One Gives wants to empower women to believe in themselves, find safety and rebuild their lives. During September, October and November, you can Round Up! your Thirty-One purchase to the next nearest dollar (after tax and shipping) or make a donation of any amount to support survivors of domestic violence through our partners: National Network to End Domestic Violence in the United States and Women’s Shelters Canada.

Funds raised by the Round Up! campaign will go to specific programs run by these organizations to help survivors of domestic violence get back on their feet.

In the United States, funds will support the Independence Project through National Network to End Domestic Violence, a credit-building microloan program that helps survivors of domestic violence rebuild after experiencing financial abuse. Women can receive a zero-fee, zero- interest loan of $100 to boost their credit scores. By paying back just $10 for 10 months, she can get approved to sign that lease, buy that car and get started on her new, safe life!

In Canada, the funds will support Women’s Shelters Canada, a non-profit that connects women across the country to 24/7 support. Donations will help support their second stage shelter program, which provides women with apartments to help them transition out of an abusive relationship.

Share your giving heart this season by participating in Round Up! this season – your donations will make an enormous difference in the lives of survivors of domestic violence.