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All in a day's work

For many families, any space is a workspace: home office desk, kitchen table, dry corner of the basement – even the passenger seat of the car! Read on for tips to optimize the work functionality of any room in your home with the help of a go-anywhere mobile workspace.

Clear clutter, define spaces

Give a messy, unorganized home office a makeover by moving the desks to the center of the room, doubling usable work surfaces. Right-sized bins and baskets – along with a few handy hanging pocket organizers – save floor space while keeping loose papers and supplies at bay.

Mobile study space

We love an organized desk – but we also know that kids are just as likely to do their homework at the kitchen island or dining room table. Customize totes and bins with each child's name to create personalized mobile homework help kits that can be moved from room to room! 

Create an office-to-go

Get organized with the help of a go-anywhere mobile workspace for maximum productivity on the road or in the air. Choose a work tote with plenty of pockets and a zippered, padded laptop sleeve to protect your tablet or laptop in transit. The right wallet holds more than your ID, cash, and credit cards: pick one with a zipper, and slip your phone in, too! A trusty thermal can keep your lunch and drinks cool – and make it easier to fit in a quick bite on the go!