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Better together: Back-to-school duos you’ll love!

Summer’s in full swing, but soon it’ll be time to start thinking about toweling off, buckling down and heading back to school. Fortunately, that doesn’t have to mean an end to the fun! Last month we put together our perfect pairings for summer, and now we’ve partnered up eight more of the season’s top styles to show you how the right duo can turn any tote into a can’t-miss back-to-school solution.

For the university-bound crew

Young adults heading off to university are notorious for needing to tote lots of stuff and store it all in a very… ahem, limited amount of space. Enter the amazing duo of an Essential Storage Tote and Statement Canvas Zip-Top Pouch!

This sturdy but foldable tote is a bestseller for its versatility – and its ability to take what even the toughest first year can dish out. A perfectly personalized zipper pouch ups the functionality in more ways than we can count: embroider one with the student’s name or a favourite Icon-ItTM like a soccer ball, llama or flip-flops, or choose a printed text design to let them carry an inspirational phrase along throughout their day.

Here are some of our top on-campus uses for this super set:

  • Laundry & coins or swipe card
  • Textbooks & highlighters
  • Practice gear & mouth guard/hair ties
  • Groceries & coupons
  • Cleaning supplies & sewing or first aid kit
  • Study materials & tech/earbuds
For creative kids

Your child’s road trip kit for the family’s end-of-summer travel can double as the perfect take-and-go solution for all those fun fall activities – think band camp, art class, sports practice, swim club, dance class or music lessons! Just partner a roomy, drawstring-top Cinch Sac (embroidered with their name, of course!) with one of our adorable new Hide & Peek Pouches that expand to hold art supplies, writing utensils, instrument accessories, swim goggles, earbuds and tech, hair accessories and more!

For terrific teams

With all of your school-aged superstars gearing up for fall sports season, the time for tailgating and team snack duty is fast approaching! Luckily, it’s simple to pair up our Family Picnic Thermal with a Small Utility Tote to create a hard-working (and great-looking!) super-sized snacking solution.

This thermal’s Leak Lock® lining means you can keep your snacks and drinks on ice without worrying about leaks and drips. And the extra-wide, structured opening makes it easy for a team’s worth of little hands to grab drinks and snacks all at once. Pack a matching Small Utility Tote with extra sports equipment or healthy team snacks that don’t need to keep cool, such as bananas, applesauce squeeze pouches, pumpkin or sunflower seeds, or mini boxes of raisins.

Need some quick and fun ideas about what to pack for your kids’ team snack days? Check out these healthy and creative team snack ideas to keep your little athletes going strong!

For top-of-the-class teachers

When a hands-free Sling-Back Bag meets a classic Zip-Top Organizing Utility Tote (or ZOUT, as we affectionately call it), it’s a match made in on-the-go organizing heaven. And who deserves the flexible function of this perfect pairing more than a teacher?

The ZOUT’s seven roomy pockets (including two elastic mesh side pockets) and full-zip top make it the perfect teacher tote. (You can even add structure and hanging file folders when you pop a Fold N’ File® inside!) And the versatility of a sporty and durable one-shoulder backpack keeps your personal items organized and your hands free for all those first-day hugs and high-fives.

Giving this pair as a gift? Make them even more special with coordinating embroidered designs. Here are a few ideas to try out using Thirty-One’s personalization studio:

  • Classroom Icon-It™ on ZOUT; teacher’s first initial in Embellished on bag
  • Apple Icon-It™ on ZOUT; teacher’s last initial in Stamp on bag
  • Love “to teach” Icon-It™ on ZOUT; school letters in All Uppercase on bag
  • Art Supplies Icon-It™ on ZOUT; teacher’s initials in Stacked on bag
  • “teach & inspire” Ampersand Icon-It™ on ZOUT; teacher’s initial in Bracket on bag