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Behind the Design: Mermaid Lagoon

We’ve always been enchanted by what lies below the ocean’s surface, and this season, we’re making a splash with the magical, mythical Mermaid Lagoon, one of eight new Summer Guide prints.

Why we love it

Mermaids have been part of the folklore in cultures around the world for hundreds of years – from Greek mythology to Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales to movies like The Little Mermaid and Splash.

In some traditions, these creatures once signaled doom for wayward sailors, but now, they are a symbol of individuality, fun and freedom. With their long, flowing hair and glittering scales, mermaids have an otherworldly beauty that captures our imagination and calls us to the sea.

Today, mermaids are everywhere, from décor to dolls to the mermaid hair fashion trend. You can even “become” a mermaid by slipping into a specially made monofin to swim like a fish, or cuddling up on the couch in a mermaid tail blanket.

The story behind Mermaid Lagoon

A mermaid print has been at the top of our designers’ wish list for a while, and after other mythical creatures (like unicorns and yetis) had their pop culture moment, they knew the time was right to bring our undersea friend to life.

To create Mermaid Lagoon, our designers started with the red, orange, yellow and navy hues from two popular Summer 2017 prints, Pinstripe Punch and Tropic Pop, then brightened the backdrop with a light turquoise.

Our mermaids are joined by a little crab friend who made his first appearance in our Spring Guide as Crabby Claws. Floating hearts add sweetness to the design.

What to wear & how to pair

This summer, you can find Mermaid Lagoon in bestsellers like the Large Utility Tote and Essential Storage Tote – perfect for lugging everything you need for trips to the pool, beach or waterpark.

Fill a Stand Tall Bin with pool noodles and toys, or pair the Mermaid Lagoon Lunch BuddyTM Thermal and Cinch Sac for the kids’ summer day camp. You’ll also see our mermaid friends in two new products, the Take Along Bag Tag and Hide & Peek Pouch, which expands to reveal undersea treasure.

Pair Mermaid Lagoon with our Scallop Stripe print for a nautical theme, or make it pop when you wear it alongside Pink Crosshatch. Choose Hot Pink, Merlot, Purple or Royal Blue thread colours for personalization.

Shop Mermaid Lagoon

Every day is like a beach holiday when you carry a thermal or tote in Mermaid Lagoon! Shop this and all our Summer Guide prints now through August, before they swim away for good.