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Breaking the stigma around mental health

Nationwide Children’s Hospital reminds us that because kids don’t wear their thoughts on their sleeves, we don’t know what they might be going through. In fact, one in five children is living with a mental illness. That’s why it’s so important to work together to help break the stigma and transform children’s mental and behavioural health.

All season long, Thirty-One is proud to offer the opportunity to Round Up! your order total to the nearest dollar or make a donation of any amount to support children’s mental health programs and research at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in the U.S. and Canada’s Children’s Hospital Foundations.

Since 2012, Round Up! has helped raise over $3 million to support our mission of empowering girls, women and families. A little spare change can make a big difference! Read on to discover the ways you can help destigmatize the mental health conversation and support critical research and mental health programs when you Round Up! your Thirty-One Gifts order this spring.

Nationwide Children's Hospital

We’re proud to partner with America’s largest children’s hospital to support children’s mental health programs and research.

At Nationwide Children's Hospital, Dr. Nancy Cunningham says that funding from Thirty-One Gives is supporting two research projects. One has a focus of enhancing girls' eHealth literacy, helping them to improve how they find and evaluate health information. The second uses neuroimaging to identify girls who could be at risk for anxiety, depression, drug use and behavioural challenges.

Thirty-One Consultants are making a difference, Cunningham says.

“Taking time in your home parties and customer interactions to talk about our work together to promote the mental health and wellness in girls everywhere is invaluable,” she says of our dedicated Consultants. “You extend the work of researchers and treatment professionals by spreading the word.”

The Thirty-One network of Consultants, Customers and leadership who champion these issues is “remarkable,” Cunningham says.

“Together we can discover new knowledge and strategies to support girls and young women, and together spread the word through our unique relationships and areas of influence,” she says.

Learn more: Find and share mental health resources at

Canada’s Children’s Hospital Foundations

CCHF represents children's hospitals throughout Canada, and Thirty-One Gives is its first national partner to focus on funding mental health issues. Our support will help fund research, care and learning in 11 children's hospitals across the country, says Christina Deveau, CCHF marketing and communication specialist.

For example, a program at Alberta Children's Hospital in Calgary is helping to make sure that front-line pediatricians and family doctors have the necessary training to assist their young patients with mental health challenges.

“Thanks to partners like Thirty-One Gives who are shining light on and providing support to mental health services through CCHF, we can help ensure Canada’s women, girls and families live healthy lives,” Deveau says.

Learn more: Read Charlotte’s story to hear about one girl’s experience and the impact of CCHF’s important work.