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DIY laundry room makeover

Now is the perfect time to take control of your laundry area – and clean up that mess on top of your machines. We can’t promise an organized, functional space will make doing the laundry any more enjoyable, but it just may buy you back a little time for the more important things in life.

For being the room in the house that does the most cleaning, the laundry room sure can get dirty. First things first, start off by tidying up your area. Get some help to move your washer and dryer away from the wall to clean behind them – hello, missing socks! Wipe down the surfaces of your machines, sink and floor to bring back the sparkle.

Now, take a look at your surroundings and see what you have to work with. How about using the walls around your machines to add some shelving and make the most of your vertical space? If you don’t have spare wall space, maybe a simple cube storage organizer or a rolling caddie that slides between the washer and dryer will do. Consider adding a few hanging bars for hand towels or fresh garments as they emerge from the dryer to save ironing time. Then break out the levels and power tools to put your hardware up!

Your laundry room should already be starting to look cleaner and more functional. Stack baskets and cubes on sturdy shelves for easy access, preferably at eye level, to keep dryer sheets, stain remover sticks, sewing supplies, shoe polish, rags, paper towels and whatever else you need within reach and easy to find. To maximize your space, try adding small narrow shelves around your machines to hold additional bins, cubes and baskets and to stash your ironing board.

Going for a truly cohesive and stylish look? We offer the perfect coordinating baskets and cubes in our Your Way collection. Choose the Your Way CubeYour Way Rectangle and Your Way Rectangle Basket in an assortment of complementary prints, and add some personalization to make them your own!

Here’s a clever trick to try: Fill a few gallon sized beverage dispensers with your laundry detergent and fabric softener. This will help take the messiness and spillage out of the equation, plus it will give your new room a supremely organized look. If you like to keep back up detergent for when you run out, don’t just leave it out in the open – hide it away in a closet, cupboard or under-machine drawer so it doesn’t detract from your new aesthetics. No room? Try stashing your backup supplies in one of our Catch-All Bins to keep them out of sight and tie in with your other storage solutions.

Finish it off & share with us!

Talk about a showstopper! Your newly functional and fabulous laundry space is ready for your finishing touches. Don’t get stuck in the mindset that a functional space has to be industrial-looking: Add some décor that’s warm and inviting. If your room doesn’t have a window, use daylight bulbs to flood the room with light.

Try laying down a woven rug, add framed art or photos, set up a bulletin board – even add a wireless speaker! Nothing will brighten up your mood when doing laundry like listening to your favourite playlist while you fold, hang and iron.

Now that your new laundry room is all put together, use #thirtyone to show us how it looks! We can’t wait to see it!