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Personalization that really pops

When you personalize a gift for someone, it adds special meaning. Whether it’s a favourite colour, personal initials, a reference to a sport or hobby they love, a phrase that inspires them or a combination of these things, personalization has the power to turn the ordinary into the unique.

Naturally, solid prints – like our best-selling Crosshatch prints – provide the best canvas for personalization. Available in solid Charcoal, Light Grey, Mocha and Pink, Crosshatch is a great choice for applying beautifully embroidered Icon-Its or monograms.

For the athlete

Athletes need a sturdy duffle bag or backpack to keep their shoes, equipment, uniforms and shower products in. Personalize it with a sports icon and initials in school or team colours to create a one-of-a-kind athletic bag for practices, home games and road trips. For the little athletes, the Lil’ Go Backpack (Charcoal) and Cinch Sac (Charcoal, Pink) are great, easy-to-carry choices. For athletes with more stuff to tote, the All-Packed Duffle (Charcoal) and Zip-Top Organizing Utility Tote (Charcoal, Mocha, Pink) are roomy enough to carry shoes, clothes and equipment to and from games and practices.

For the nature lover

However they get back to nature – hiking, camping, fishing, boating or just taking a stroll to the neighborhood park – a personalized backpack, tote or thermal for the nature lover is a great reminder of home and of the person who gifted it. For the hiker or biker, a Sling-Back Bag (Charcoal) is a convenient, lightweight way to carry essentials like power bars, water, cell phones and other small necessities. Campers and fishers will love the Deluxe Utility Tote (Light Grey, Charcoal, Mocha, Pink) for its storage capacity and sturdy structure: It’s great for carrying all the essentials from snacks to bug spray, flashlights and tackle boxes. The Picnic Thermal Tote (Charcoal or Pink), fits nicely inside our Deluxe Utility Tote and has a Leak Lock™ lining to allow for ice.

For the sunseeker

Anyone who loves the pool or the beach needs the right supplies for the day – and the means to carry it all. A personalized beach bag or thermal is a great idea for friends who travel frequently or for the family planning their next tropical vacation. Our Fresh Market Thermal (Charcoal) has Leak Lock™ lining for carrying ice and keeping food cool for the whole family, while the Around the Clock™ Thermal (Charcoal) is ideal for one or two people.

For the organizer

We all know someone who can’t stand clutter. For those people in your life who need things neat and orderly, personalized storage solutions make fantastic gifts. In the home office, the Fold ’N File (Charcoal), Your Way™ Rectangle (Charcoal, Light Grey, Mocha) and Your Way™ Cube (Charcoal, Light Grey, Mocha) keep files in order and provide convenient storage options for those papers you can’t get rid of quite yet. For toys, shoes, sports equipment and more, a Stand Tall Bin (Charcoal) keeps bedrooms and closets clean.

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