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Get Creative™ with custom craft storage

Vickie Howell is a TV host, designer, ambassador and entrepreneur in the DIY space. Find even more of Vickie’s great tips on her website!

We at Thirty-One Gifts have been excited to work with Vickie Howell, cultivator of craft and community, as well as a broadcast personality, producer, author, designer and instructor in the DIY world. From HGTV and JoAnn to DIY Network’s Knitty Gritty and Stylelicious, Vickie is the go-to expert for all things crafting.

And her latest endeavor is one that we hold especially close to our hearts: Vickie has joined up with our team of designers at Thirty-One Gifts to create a new collection of products targeted specifically to our creative customers in the DIY/crafting community—the Get Creative™ Collection!

Vickie strives to motivate and inspire people to both live creatively and make a living being creative. This, coupled with her expertise in print, video and social media promotion, made her the perfect choice to partner with as we set about designing our Get Creative™ Collection. For anyone who crafts, sews, paints or just likes to create things with their hands, the thoughtfully designed pieces in the Get Creative™ line will help make life simpler and more organized.

As a consultant to the Get Creative™ line, Vickie says her role was that of “a crafty profiler.” In this role, Vickie provided the team with an “insider’s look at what creative types might look for in a bag, based on what their art and craft medium might be.” She gave feedback on prototypes, confirmed what worked, made suggestions for what may not have worked and brainstormed on big picture presentation to both the sales force and the craft community.

What’s your craft?

With nine new products for crafters in the Get Creative™ line, there’s something for everyone. We’ll let Vickie fill you in on all the fabulous new options!

On the Get Creative™ Carry-All…

“Calling all sewists, scrapbookers, crocheters, quilters and crafters: This Carry-All is for you! Whether you’ve got an ongoing junk journaling project you’re trying to keep organized, working on the piecing portion of a patchwork blanket, making a sweater for your kiddo or just need a place to contain your paints and brushes, you’ll love the vastness of its main compartment, the stay-open wire frame and its outer pockets. This bag is a next-level helper for the busy DIY-er!”

On the Get Creative™ Round Pouch…

“Creative types of all crafty genres would benefit from adding a Round Pouch (or two) to their organizational arsenal. It’s the right size to hold a myriad of must-have tools like erasers, paper clips, sewing pins, stitch markers, buttons, bobbins, wooden beads, cable needles, embroidery scissors and more! Like the other pouches in the collection, this one is made from clear plastic so it’s easy to clean and makes finding smaller notions a breeze!”

On the Get Creative™ Case…

“Are you an illustrator, painter, planner-buff or paper crafter? Then you’ll love this case! The shape is the perfect storage option for supplies, and the case’s transformability means it works not only as a container, but also as a clean workspace for mobile crafting!”

On the Get Creative™ Cylinder…

“Cylinders are vertical storage for a plethora of supplies. They work well for markers, paint bottles, fat quarter fabric rolls and stacks of thread spools. The added feature of a small opening to feed yarn through, also makes this pouch perfect for anyone who knits or crochets on the go. No rogue balls of wool with the Cylinder!”

On the Get Creative™ Caddy…

“It’s perfect for the general crafter, jewelry maker and multi-crafter. It has loads of compartments for tools and supplies, zippered see-through pockets for easy access to notions and findings and a roomy main section that can easily hold paints, adhesive bottles or additional pouches. A great grab-and-go option for your next maker meet-up!”

On the Get Creative™ Slim Pouch…

“The Creative Slim Pouch was created with longer tools in mind. It’s a great solution for keeping pens, colored pencils, small paintbrushes, crochet hooks and double-pointed knitting needles at bay within a larger tote. Its clear body married with a zipper closure means no digging around or losing supplies!”

On the Get Creative™ Rectangle Pouch

“Scissors, pin tins, embroidery floss, paint bottles and tubes, ephemera and markers would all feel right at home in the Rectangle Pouch. If you only buy one pouch, then this should be the one for its generous size and versatility.”

On the Get Creative™ Sleeve…

“Designed with the paper crafter in mind. Whether it’s linen paper, organizer inserts, book-making sheets, or scrapbooking paper elements, the Get Creative™ Sleeve will act as a protector. It’s also a great option for people who knit, crochet and cross-stitch so they can keep patterns clean and safe!”

Oh the Hostess Exclusive Get Creative™ Crate...

“Creative Crates are like mini-craft rooms in a box! Grab several to organize and stack different types of supplies or one to contain all of your tools (don’t forget to label them with embroidered personalization!). The Crate works on its own or stuffed with everything from the pouch line!”

Look for all of these items from our Get Creative™ line, and be sure to catch Vickie in “The Knit Show with Vickie Howell” YouTube series and on her Craft*ish podcast.