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Have FUN with just three letters!

Monograms are a great way to personalize your favorite product within a small space. Sure, you can monogram your initials for a classic and sophisticated look. But we had a blast exploring all the fun and funky ways to express yourself in just three characters.

For a fun twist, why not try a 3-letter word, name or abbreviation using a monogram design? Here are 15 of our favourite monogram ideas:

  1. Travel much? NYC, ATL, MIA, FLA, USA, ONT, OBX, WDW
  2. Get sporty with SKI, RUN, LAX, ROW, POM, JOG or WIN
  3. SEA, SUN and SKY go great on beach totes (so do WET and DRY)
  4. Chill out with ZEN or OHM on your yoga bag
  5. EAT, YUM or NOM are cute on a lunch thermal
  6. Love your job? EMS, COP, CEO, PHD, DOC, VET, ART, LAW, FLY, ABC
  7. How about your alma mater? BHS, ASU, WMU, UCF
  8. FAB, HOT, FUN, BAE, YES, POW, XXL and ETC are short and sweet
  9. For daily organization: SUN, MON, TUE, WED, THU, FRI, SAT
  10. Gift MRS to a newlywed or MOM, DAD, POP, GMA and GPA to the fam
  11. CAT and DOG (or ARF and MEW) go great on pet toy totes or treat bins
  12. Think holiday! Get spooky with BOO or spread JOY at Christmas
  13. Your favourite texter can LOL or BRB
  14. Include a number or ampersand, if possible: K&S, H2O, R&R, SK8 or rep your area code!
  15. And count yourself lucky if your name is AVA, BEN, MAX, LUZ, ANN or KIM!

Maybe a more classic monogram is what you’re after. Traditionally, the order of initials depends on the style of monogram: For 3 letters of the same size, the letter order should read first, middle, last (ABC). For styles that emphasize one letter, the last initial should be the largest. PicturedDotted MonogramClassic MonogramModern Monogram

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