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Lifehack for the busy mom: Whistle while you work(out)

With all the Superwoman-sized expectations you live up to every day – career, kids, community and more! – it can be all too easy for your own health and wellness to get bumped down your priority list. But there’s one form of exercise you probably do several days a week, although you may not realize it: housecleaning!

We know, we know – it’s not the most glamorous job on your family’s to-do list. But if you’ve ever scrubbed an especially tough stain from the carpet (thanks, Fido!) or spent 15 minutes making a scummy shower door sparkle again, you know that cleaning can definitely make you work up a sweat. And that’s a good thing for you, your partner, your kids – anyone who has chores to do around your home!

According to the American Heart Association, boosting your heartrate through moderate aerobic exercise several times a week can improve mental and physical wellness and prolong your optimal health. The slew of wearable fitness trackers on the market makes it super-easy to monitor your heartrate and stay within a safe range for you. (Check out the AHA Guidelines on determining your target heartrate.)

Read on for a few hacks you and your family can use to bump up the fitness factor of your everyday housecleaning routine.

Do some lunges while you vacuum

Vacuuming can be a great way to get in some serious core and leg toning.

After you’ve finished picking up any stray items from the floor and dropping them into our All-In Organizer (that’s a workout in itself!), start vacuuming, but with a twist. Every time you move the vacuum away from you, add in a lunge, alternating sides.

Work your arms while you scrub your countertops

Anyone with kids knows that your countertops are virtually always in need of a good scrub. To turn this never-ending chore into a fabulous arm workout, engage your core and push down hard on the counter as you scrub.

For some extra calorie burning, lower into a plié position while you wipe!

Target your core by scrubbing the floors instead of mopping

Instead of reaching for the mop next time you need to clean your kitchen floor, grab a bucket and brush and give it a good scrub.

Start on your hands and knees with a straight back and your core engaged. Alternating sides, slide your arm out until it’s fully extended, then bring it back in close to you. To ramp up the intensity, slide both arms out at the same time!

Strengthen your arms with curls and lifts

De-cluttering and tidying are a perfect opportunity to get in some bicep curls or shoulder lifts. Using Deluxe Utility Tote or Deluxe Organizing Utility Tote, gather stray items from around the house that need to be put away. As you walk through your home, do a set of bicep curls, or hold the bag in front of you and do shoulder lifts as you climb the stairs.

Squat to sort laundry

Just like cleaning your countertops, laundry is one of those chores that never seems to end – which also means it offers plenty of time to exercise!

As you’re carrying your laundry in one of our Stand Tall Bins, add in a squat between steps. If you’re sorting, hold a squat as you divide the kids’ laundry into cute and portable Mini Storage Bins: personalizing them with everyone’s name helps keep your whole family organized!

Dance while you work!

If all else fails, grab your family and put on some fast music: Dancing as you clean together will help you boost your heartrates, burn some calories – and get you all feeling great!

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