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Meet your personal shopper

Relationships are at the heart of our business, and when you shop with Thirty-One, you’ll be working directly with one of our thousands of independent sales Consultants. Her job is to give you personalized customer service as you shop our wide selection of handbags, totes and accessories.

What is a Consultant?

If you’ve never made a purchase with Thirty-One before, you might wonder why you’re being asked to take the additional step to “connect with a Consultant” at checkout.

Our Consultants are independent business owners from around the country who are literally “paid to party!” Consultants earn commissions by hosting fun online and face-to-face parties where they share our fashionable, functional products with guests. Online retail sales also contribute to their earnings.

When prompted to connect with a Consultant at checkout, you can either choose someone you know or be paired up with a Consultant who is (usually) from your region. Once connected, you can click on the on the “About” section at the top of the page to learn more about your Consultant, her business and her story.

She’s here to help you

Think of your Consultant as your personal shopper! Her job is to give you an experience customized to your needs – what we call “Pink Glove Service.”

You can call or email her with questions about our products, prints and personalization designs. She can even offer suggestions for the perfect gifts for family and friends, or personalization ideas you can use to make our products your own!

Your Consultant is also a great resource for information on hosting your own Thirty-One party online or face to face, or even joining our sisterhood. All you have to do is ask!

You’re supporting a business – and a dream

Every time you shop with Thirty-One, a portion of your purchase goes to supporting her business and her “why” – the reason she joined Thirty-One and became a Consultant. It might be something small, like paying a few bills each month or sending her children to camp, or even huge goals like buying her first home or taking her family on the trip of a lifetime.

You can feel great in knowing that when you shop with Thirty-One, you’re building a relationship and empowering someone to reach her dreams. So take another look at the top-right corner of this page and connect with your Consultant today!