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Quiz: Choose the perfect Mother’s Day gift

Our moms are some of the hardest-working women we know, and they hold a special place in our hearts. That’s why it’s so important that on Mother’s Day we show them just how much we appreciate them. Take this short quiz to find great gift ideas for your mom that will make her special day amazing!

How does your mom like to spend her weekends?

  1. Traveling and exploring new places
  2. Hiking, picnicking or at the beach
  3. Soccer games, trips to the grocery store and a million other errands – she’s always on the go!
  4. In the kitchen trying out new recipes
  5. Cozied up at home with a good book
  6. Shopping!

Describe her personality in one word.

  1. Adventurous
  2. Nature-lover
  3. Organized
  4. Loving
  5. Homebody
  6. Fashionista

What’s her dream vacation?

  1. Going somewhere new and exciting like Australia or Japan
  2. She’s just as happy exploring national parks as she is lounging on the beach
  3. A week at the spa to relax from her hectic life
  4. Paris, Spain or Italy – she’s not picky as long as it has amazing food!
  5. Visiting friends and family that she doesn’t get to see often
  6. Exploring all of the amazing boutiques in London or New York City

What’s your budget for her gift?

  1. $25-35 will work
  2. The mid-$40s sound good
  3. Let’s keep it under $50
  4. Right around $60
  5. Under $75
  6. Around $100
Mostly As: Choose the perfect travel accessory

…or mix and match a few for the ultimate travel solution set! The Hanging Traveler Case, Fold-Up Family Organizer, Shine On Jewelry Case or Glamour Case won’t break your bank and will make organizing her overnight bag or suitcase easier for her next getaway.

Mostly Bs: Give the gift of fun in the sun

If your mom loves all things outdoors, the Sand N’ Shore Thermal Tote Bundle is the perfect companion for her next adventure. From picnics and hiking to the beach, this thermal’s Leak Lock® lining means that she’ll always be ready with food, drinks and snacks to keep the whole crew going.

Mostly Cs: She’ll love the Crossbody Organizing Tote

This versatile utility-style bag is functional and fashionable enough to go with her everywhere! The adjustable crossbody strap and wipeable design of the Crossbody Organizing Tote will make it her go-to bag for work, the store and beyond.

Mostly Ds: The Tote-ally Thermal or Fresh Market® Thermal is for her!

If there’s nothing your mom loves more than getting creative in the kitchen and sharing the food she makes, then the super-portable Tote-ally Thermal or roomy Fresh Market® Thermal is just what she needs. Both have Leak Lock® lining that can hold ice to transport her creations to the next dinner party or holiday celebration.

Mostly Es: The Close To Home™ Table Gallery is her perfect match

Family is important to your mom, and she loves to be reminded of her loved ones daily. The Close To Home Table Gallery’s interchangeable Photo Inserts let her switch out pictures to display different special memories throughout the year.

Mostly Fs: Give the gift of fashion with Miles of Style®

Your mom knows that accessories make the outfit, so give her a bag she’ll want to show off every day with the versatile and fashionable Miles of Style®. Personalize this stylish handbag with an embroidered monogram for a Mother’s Day gift she’ll always cherish.