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4 clever tricks for organizing your winter gear

Bulky, clunky, dripping wet – winter clothes can present a challenge when it comes to space-saving and storage solutions. But with a little work, you can organize your winter gear – and still have room in your garage, entryway or drop zone!

Here are four clever tricks for organizing your winter gear, from outerwear to sports equipment.

Invest in wall racks for skis, snowboards & sleds

Since winter sports gear is not only bulky, but often comes home wet and muddy, it’s important to store it in a way that will prevent mold or mildew from growing.

Invest in some heavy-duty racks that can hang on the wall in your garage to keep sports equipment clean, dry, and out of the way. Use structured storage like our Stand Tall Bins, and personalize it to separate each family member’s gear. To get the most use out of them, choose multipurpose racks that you can switch to hold bicycles, tennis rackets and other warm-weather sports gear when the seasons change.

Use wall hooks in your entryway to hang jackets and outerwear

Hanging up those big parkas and warm scarves may take up more space than storing them in a closet, but letting them air dry can help keep mildew and odors at bay.

Keep a stack of old towels nearby, and spread them out to catch drips after a day in the snow. For a decorative way to store them, choose a Catch-All Bin or Your Way® Cube or that matches your home décor.

Use storage bins and baskets for mittens and hats

Keep mittens, hats, and earmuffs together by using small storage baskets, like the Mini Storage Bin or a Littles Carry-All™ Caddy. Give each family member their own organizing container, so mom’s gloves don’t end up mixed up with the baby’s mittens. You can even personalize them so everyone knows exactly where to put their things.

Throw down an outdoor rug to keep mud and snow from being tracked through the house

An indoor/outdoor rug placed in your garage or a simple rag rug right in the entryway will help keep snow and mud contained. Add a rug gripper to keep the rug from sliding across the floor. Whether snow is a constant for you in the wintertime or just an occasional cause for excitement, keeping your winter gear organized and stored will make sure everyone can find what they need to stay warm and dry.