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Shared space Craft room meets play room

Craft space? Kids' space? When a single room serves a dual purpose, it can be hard to make it both friendly and functional for everyone. Learn how to define, design and de-clutter a single space that pulls double duty!

Give the kids a play space to call their own: Start by laying a cute rug in one corner to define their area of the room. Ground the space with tyke-sized furniture like an art table, colourful chairs and even a cozy tent filled with soft and comfy floor pillows.

Now for your personal artistic getaway: Make your walls work for you with floor-to-ceiling organization. Stack shelves above your workspace or bring in bookcases to create extra storage surfaces. A bright pegboard wall provides a pop of colour and serves as a focal point above a desk just for you!

Fill your shelves with coordinating bins, baskets, and clear apothecary jars for flexible functionality that's also visually interesting. Get creative with your storage solutions so you can grab and go – a Fold N' File with paper, stickers and coloured pencils works great as a mobile art station! A Fold-Up Family Organizer lives up to its name by housing ribbons, scissors, tape and twine. Divvy up your collection of cute Oh-Snap Binsto keep your craft scissors from getting mixed up in the kids' art supplies.

And don't forget to look for new ways to use your favourite pieces in both spaces: The Large Utility Totes you imagined carting groceries are ideal for colour-coding your yarn stash. That Stand Tall Bin holding your laundry is the perfect size for housing stuffed animals! And the Your Way Cube earmarked for your bookshelf is just right for your fat quarter bundles.

Once you have a place for everything, how will you keep everything in its place? Personalize your craft room storage solutions so your newly organized space stays functional and fabulous – and let your creativity shine through! Look for beautiful, well-made bins of various sizes to store all your supplies. Choose combinations of colours, fonts, and prints that complement your décor, fit your personality and are easy to read.

Remember: a shared space can really work when you can be open, be flexible and be you!

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