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Stand out with Raised Embroidery!

From our fabulous Felt Bins and Statement Canvas Pillows to our terrific Felt Shopper Tote, Raised Embroidery personalization is an exciting new take on a classic design technique. Choose from one of our new design icons or raise your design aesthetic with a short phrase or name. Read on for some inspiring ideas!

A new trend gets personal

Felt bags, containers and other home décor is a hot trend. Luckily, our merchandising team at Thirty-One had the foresight to come up with a fabulous new personalization technique that goes perfectly with products from our new felt line: Raised Embroidery. 

Senior Manager of Merchandising Emily Siefert credits our seasoned team of embroidery experts for quickly meeting trends to develop this new offering. “We felt it was a perfect fit for the look and feel of our felt and canvas home products. They’re both great base fabrics in neutral tones, creating a solid ground to highlight this new personalization technique.” 

As for the selection of Raised Embroidery icons we offer, Designer Suzi Clow explains: “We identified a huge trend of safari animals, and the elephant complements other designs in our winter line. The heart and home are minimalist icons that can easily be used within the home or on a bag. They can take on multiple meanings depending on what text she chooses.”

Raise your embroidery awareness

You may have heard of Raised Embroidery before by another name. Sometimes called puff, foam or 3D embroidery, this sculpted stitching technique is often used on baseball caps and jerseys. 

So how is it different from regular embroidery techniques? Well, for starters, there are more steps and more stitches to the process: 

Easy as 1-2-3D!

1. First we sew any flat embroidery, like a line of text under a raised design. 

2. Then we align a section of foam over the design area and secure it with placement stitches.

3. We finish stitching over the foam to produce a beautiful 3-dimensional design. 


What’s the big (but not too big) idea?

You’ll love our new Casual font for Raised Embroidery personalization. Just remember that with many of these totes and décor styles, 8 characters is the magic number – so keep your message short and sweet! 

Having a tough time deciding on an 8-character-or-less message for your tote, pillow or storage bin? Here are 31 ideas for your home … and 31 more ideas for totes! 

  • 1. WELCOME
  • 2. GATHER
  • 3. BLESSED
  • 4. FAMILY
  • 5. MAHALO
  • 9. BE HAPPY
  • 10. BE KIND
  • 11. SERENITY
  • 12. CREATE
  • 13. RELAX
  • 14. UNWIND
  • 15. PEACE
  • 16. QUIET
  • 17. SNUGGLE
  • 18. GET COZY
  • 19. BE STILL
  • 20. BREATHE
  • 21. NAMASTE
  • 22. DAYDREAM
  • 23. BELIEVE
  • 24. REJOICE
  • 25. SPARKLE
  • 26. WISH
  • 27. DREAM
  • 28. IMAGINE
  • 29. YOU & ME
  • 30. LAUNDRY
  • 31. HOME