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Top trend: Mix and match patterns!

Mixing patterns is one of those fashion trends that sounds a little crazy – that is, until you try it! Our resident office fashionista and creator of JK by Thirty-One jewelry, Janet Kinkade, offers her four best fashion tips to successfully mix patterns without looking like your grandpa on laundry day.

Mixing prints right out of the gate can seem daunting. But mixing textures can help you ease into the trend while adding interesting depth to your outfit. Try combining pieces with different textures that share a single colour – a smooth pebble looks great when paired with a tote in a textured weave, especially when they share the same rich jewel tone. Some textured patterns can even be treated as neutrals! (Think punched leather, pin dots or herringbone.)

Pair neutral prints with more colourful accent prints or, if that’s a bit too bold for your taste, choose two different prints or textures that share a colour palette. A large, rounded print plays nicely with a smaller, angled print when they’re both gray and their scale is much different. Just don’t get too matchy-matchy – the less similar the prints, the more intentional your outfit looks. When in doubt, stripes and polka dots always work well together! 

With so many gorgeous patterns to mix and match, it’s important to remember that too much of a good thing can be, well, not such a good thing. When combining busier prints like florals and wide stripes, neutral colours are your friend. Pick one main pattern and an accent pattern to avoid visual competition. You can always add a solid shoulder bag or a tech case with subtle texturing to ground your patterned pieces.

The traditional wisdom of choosing either gold or silver tones is out the window. Now, anything goes! Mixing metals by layering your necklaces is key to creating a cool, unfussy look. Graduate your lengths, and don’t worry about spacing your necklaces evenly; let them fall where they may. The result is an effortless style that’s perfectly imperfect – and helps keep your necklaces from tangling. JK by Thirty-One makes layering easy because all of the pieces are designed to be worn alone or together. The ability to construct a dozen different looks from layering only three or four necklaces adds versatility and value.

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