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Work from home tips & hacks

On the plus side, working from home means there’s no office dress code to stop you from rocking pajama bottoms all day long! But sharing space with new co-workers (we’re talking kids, spouses and furry friends) and maintaining motivation when your bed’s just a few steps away can be a challenge. Check out our tips for WFH inspiration and organization.

Office anywhere

No space for an office? Don’t stress. With the right tools, you can put together a mobile workstation that easily unpacks for the workday and tucks away when not in use. Start with the Zip-Top Organizing Utility Tote and Large Utility Tote. These durable, easy-to-transport totes let you work at the kitchen counter one day then move your “office” to the dinner table the next.

Ultimate File Set: Zip-Top Organizing Utility Tote + Fold N’ File™ + Get Creative™ Slim Pouch

The Fold N’ File™ collapsible organizer is ideal for papers, pamphlets and file folders, and it fits right inside the Zip-Top Organizing Utility Tote. Just add a pouch for pencils and pens!

Do-it-all Office Set: Large Utility Tote + Deluxe Double Duty™ Caddy + Felt Hanging Bin + Zipper Pouch

Organize your laptop, files, notebooks, office supplies and tech cords with this all-in-one set. Add a Snack & Go Pouch to store your afternoon munchies, and if you’re taking your work to the library or local coffee shop, toss your everyday purse right inside!

WFH tips

Whether you find it tough to focus or have a hard time signing off for the day, we’ve got some tips to help keep your working-from-home life balanced.

  • Take breaks. Giving yourself time to step away from the screen can help you stay fresh and productive. If you can, take 20 minutes to do something for your mind and body like yoga or a light workout. Pack a workout bag (we love the Medium Utility Tote) so you’ll have everything you need ready to go.
  • Keep your space clean. Clutter can be a major distraction from your work. Keeping your space tidy leaves your mind free to focus on the task at hand, not the mess that needs picked up.
  • Try a power hour. If you have a big task to tackle, try giving it your undivided attention for one hour. Set a timer, move your phone out of reach and see how much you can accomplish before the buzzer sounds!
  • Spice up your workspace. Surrounding yourself with things that make you feel good can boost your motivation to tackle the workday. Put on a playlist, light a candle – even wearing an outfit that gives you confidence can make a world of difference. And don’t forget about your screen! You look at it all day, so brighten up your desktop or laptop computer with one of these downloadable wallpapers.
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