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Have you ever wondered how your favourite Thirty-One totes, bins and bags go from special to show-stopping through the personalization process? Get a sneak peek into how we use four in-house personalization techniques to make your Thirty-One products uniquely yours. With hundreds of products to personalize and over 80 fun designs, the possibilities are endless!

Embroidery was the first type of personalization available at Thirty-One, and Cindy Monroe, our Founder, President and CEO, was our very first embroidery worker! Now we have 1,116 embroidery machines – the largest collection of its type in the country! A typical embroidery design averages 8,000 stiches, and our machines can produce 800 to 1,000 stiches per minute. Larger designs – such as large initials or large monograms – can take 30 to 45 minutes each to embroider!

Each one of our talented embroidery department employees undergoes a rigorous training process and is ultimately responsible for operating 12 machines concurrently. On average, each team member can personalize up to 280 items per day – with an accuracy rate of 99.98%! With over 80 embroidered designs to choose from in 29 different thread colours, our Home Office embroidery area stays very busy!

Our customized home décor pillows and wall art feature print personalization available in 13 colours. We’ve invested over $1 million into our climate-controlled Print Shop that houses the best printing and drying machines to meet our quality standards. Our sensitive, high-speed digital printers can produce an 18-inch pillow in 45 seconds! From start to finish – including drying time, packaging and multiple rounds of inspection – it takes about four minutes to complete one pillow. That’s a quick start for a special piece to enjoy for many years to come!

Thirty-One uses a unique type of laser personalization style called Simply Etched. This technology is capable of personalizing cloth, wood and leather. The lasers we use were designed and constructed in Italy. Depending on the product and design, it generally takes between six seconds and two minutes to complete a laser etching. The Simply Etched technique lends a burned-in, rustic look to several of our accessories and home décor pieces.

Create an inspiring message with our new Foil Stamped personalization! We use a foil-stamp process to print on leather in metallic silver to create an elegant look. The Just Write Bracelet, made of brown split leather, is our first product to use this personalization style.

Our foil-stamp machine is capable of printing letters, numbers and select symbols. Pressing down on leather at 255˚F, it generally takes 15 seconds or less for our machine to finish one bracelet. Depending on the message length, we can personalize six bracelets in a little over a minute! Put your stamp on it with a

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