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4 ways for kids to give back

At Thirty-One Gifts, giving back is part of what we do every day. From Girls on the Run and Girl Talk to Canada’s Children’s Hospital Foundations and World Vision, Thirty-One Gives continues to support organizations that share our mission to empower girls, women and families. Gives has been honoured to donate $100 million in products and cash to nonprofit organizations like these since 2012.

Since our Consultants, Customers and Home Office staff are so generous through their work with Thirty-One Gives, it’s no surprise that many of them have made giving back a family value. Read on for some of our favourite tips for getting your own family into the giving spirit.

Pick out dog and cat toys to donate to an animal shelter

If you have very young children, it can be a challenge to find ways for them to become involved with community service.

One great way to give your littlest ones a chance to give back is to let them choose a few dog and cat toys to donate to your local animal shelter. Bring your children along to shop, then drop off the donation – they might even get to see the animals enjoy their new toys!

Help with a local beach, park or trail cleanup

Picking up trash at a park, beach or trail is an easy way to give kids something active and concrete to accomplish. When they’ve finished, they’ll be able to actually see the difference they’ve made!

This can be especially motivating for older children who might need a little encouragement to put down the tech and perform some service – plus, it’s a great way to enjoy nature and get some fresh air together!

Make handmade cards for residents at a nursing home or patients in a hospital

Kids can get creative and brighten someone’s day by making handmade cards to deliver to a nursing home or hospital. (Members of our Columbus, Ohio-based Home Office staff are partial to the local Ronald McDonald House and Nationwide Children’s Hospital – both Thirty-One Gives partners!)

Deliver them together and, if it’s appropriate, you may want to stay and visit with the patients or residents. Doing this can show your child the power of small gestures, and how easy it can be to make someone’s day a little better.

Go through their own toys

If you’re on a decluttering kick, involve your children, too! Have them comb through their toys and books to find ones that they’d like pass on to other kids who need them. To make the process easier, give them a container they can easily fill, like a Mini Storage Bin or Deluxe Utility Tote. That way, they won’t stop at just one or two items!

Pack care baskets for a local hospital or shelter

Get a group of families together to pack care baskets for patients at a hospital or people staying at a homeless or women’s shelter. Make sure you coordinate with the organization you’re donating to first – you want to be sure to fill your baskets with things that the recipients really need.

This is a project that’s close to our heart, as Thirty-One Gives sponsors the making of Hope Kits for women fleeing violence, abuse, poverty or disaster around the world. So far, our Consultants have assembled 32,000 Hope Kits containing toiletries and other essentials that are distributed through the World Vision charity.

How do you give back in your community? Show us what you do to be part of the Give on social media, and be sure to use #thirtyone!