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5 more stylish ways to tie a scarf

In the fall, we shared 10 of our best ideas for tying a scarf. This month, our über-talented Thirty-One Gifts stylists are back with even more scarf-tying tips to add fun and flair (and a bit of warmth!) to your winter look.

1. Knotted kerchief

Fold your long scarf in half crosswise. Grab two diagonal corners and knot them together to form a rough circle. Put it over your head with the knot in the back. Twist it behind your neck and loop it back over your head so the knot sits near your shoulder.

2. Top knot wrap

Use a lightweight scarf like our long Avenue Scarf to get this fashionable look: Starting at the nape of your neck, wrap the scarf up and around your head, covering your hair. Grab the two ends in one hand and twist them together, working your way out from your forehead. Once you reach the ends, the tension will help you curl the twist into a bun at the front of your head. Tuck in the ends securely.

This style looks especially great with a pair of statement earrings: Try our Luxe Loop Dangles or Gallery Earrings.

Bonus tip: Position the knot anywhere – just start your wrap at the opposite side of your head from where you want the knot to lie.
3. French twist

Fold your scarf in half lengthwise once or twice (depending on its width), then in half crosswise. Put the folded scarf around your neck with the edge-end hanging slightly lower than the folded end. Thread only one loose end piece down through the loop made by the folded end. Reach through the loop and pull the other loose end piece up through the loop in the other direction.

4. Spectacular shawls

Easy: Keeping one end shorter than the other, lay your scarf across your shoulders. Bring the longer end across your chest and over the opposite shoulder. Pin it in place.

Easier: Open your scarf wide and wrap it around yourself from back to front. Tie a simple half-knot at chest level.

Easiest: Fold your rectangular scarf diagonally into a rough triangle shape and drape it over your shoulders.

5. Braided beauty

This one is definitely more advanced, but don’t worry! Here are the step-by-step instructions to create a beautifully braided look:

1. Make a loop large enough to fit over your head comfortably and tie it with a half-knot.

2. Turn the loop sideways to reveal three separate strands: the side of the loop that’s facing you, and the two loose ends on either side. Now you’re ready to braid!

3. Begin the braid by wrapping one of the loose ends across the front of the loop strand. (It will now be your centre strand.) Then wrap the other loose end across the first. (Now this one will be your centre strand.)

4. Continue braiding the strands, bringing each outside strand across the front to become the centre strand.

5. Finish by letting the loose strands hang down from the braided loop. You can secure the braid with a half-knot, if you’d like.