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5 ways to add sparkle to your holiday look!

Sometimes all you need to complete an outfit is the perfect accessory or two...or three! (When it comes to wearing jewelry, more is often more.) And jewelry has become one of Thirty-One Gifts’ most popular accessories! Here are five easy-to-follow tips from Janet Kinkade, creator of JK by Thirty-One jewelry, to help you upgrade your accessory game!

Know where you're going

Janet suggests starting with your destination in mind. Headed to the office? Unless you work in a creative field, maintain an air of professionalism by keeping your accessorizing a bit more conservative. Stepping out on the town? Choose delicate jewelry to add a touch of understated class and keep the focus on your dress. Meeting up with friends? Now is the time to have fun and rock your larger, bolder and more colourful pieces!

Consider your outfit

“Styling your jewelry has become just as fun and challenging as putting together an entire ensemble,” Janet says. “There are so many different elements to consider!” Once you’ve chosen your attire, accessorize to complement – not compete with – your look. A colourful or trend-setting outfit begs for more subdued jewelry, while a simple ensemble can go next-level with creative and bold accessories.

Tell a charming story

Janet advises to always do something to personalize your look: “Wear at least one piece that means something to you,” she says. “Tell YOUR story!” Personalized charms have become the go-to solution for designing jewelry that’s truly one-of-a-kind. Select your initials or those of loved ones, and complement them with birthstone charms for each special person in your life. Or flip the script on traditional ideas! Why not use pick letters and coordinating gem colours to represent your alma mater, be patriotic or something else altogether!

Mix your materials

Layering a variety of colours of metal in your jewelry is no longer taboo! Keep it looking stylishly intentional by playing with the length of necklaces, width of bracelets and texture of each. For example, pair a beaded bracelet with a metal one – even snap on a leather cuff for added interest! Or, let the Thirty-One Design Team do the hard work for you: “In many of our JK by Thirty-One styles, we’ve already mixed the metals for you!” Janet says.

Keep it seasonal

“Spring and summer call for a daintier, more lightweight look,” advises Janet. On the other hand, “Fall and winter are great seasons to add colour and show off a bolder look. You can also wear a larger variety of metals and a few more layers in the fall.” Adding a scarf – whether worn as a headband in warm weather or to keep you cozy when it turns cool – can balance your jewelry pieces and looks especially great with drop earrings and a pretty bracelet.

Find even more ways to make a personal statement or just add a little bling to your outfit with Thirty-One’s distinctive charms, chains, earrings, necklaces and bracelets - the perfect accessories to make any outfit shine!

About the author

Janet Kinkade

Janet Kinkade is the creator of JK by Thirty-One jewelry. Her ultimate passion is to inspire women and help them recognize their own beauty and potential.