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Behind the design: Woodblock Whimsy

Let your imagination run wild with one of Thirty-One Gift's most popular prints: Woodblock Whimsy. This neutral print with a lovely circular design looks equally at home as a storage solution in the closet as it does on your arm for a weekend getaway!

Why we love it

Fun and fantasy collide in this versatile print. Woodblock Whimsy works great in the home, but it also adds a whimsical touch when added to a tote, says Michelle Holden, a senior designer at Thirty-One Gifts.

The neutral colours make it an easy addition to your craft room, kitchen or playroom. Line Mini Storage Bins on a shelf, hang a Stand Tall Bin on the wall or carry a Catch-All Bin from room to room – however you use it in your organizational strategy, Woodblock Whimsy never looks out of place.

The print also takes a bite out of boring when you sling it over your shoulder. Try the Retro Metro Weekender in Woodblock Whimsy when you need a trendy overnight bag to go with your favourite coat or jacket.

The options are practically endless with Woodblock Whimsy. “It’s a great statement print without being too bold, which makes it very versatile,” Michelle says.

The story behind Woodblock Whimsy

Woodblock printing has a history dating back centuries as one of the very first methods of printing. The technique began in China and was originally used to print on textiles and then paper. Woodblock Whimsy is reminiscent of the times when the method was used for artistic purposes.

Woodblock cuts, similar to rubber stamps, are relief prints. A design is cut into a material. When ink is applied, it skips the areas that were cut and adheres to the remaining sections.

The Woodblock Whimsy print has its roots in retired Thirty-One Gifts print Woodblock Floral and evokes a tie to the former print Playful Pinwheel, Michelle says. “Its colouring mixes our greys and taupes, and the woodblock stamp look gives it a global feel,” she says.

What to wear & prints to pair

Wear Woodblock Whimsy all winter long, and transition it into your spring wardrobe, too!

Try pairing a Demi Day Bag in Woodblock Whimsy with a comfortable knit sweater and bootcut jeans. Grab your cutest loafers and grey knit hat, and you’re ready to run errands in style!

When you’re using Woodblock Whimsy around the house, think about pairing it with other neutral or solid grey prints, like Chevron Charm or Charcoal Crosshatch. Add a pop of colour by choosing a personalization thread such as burgundy, dark purple, deep teal or slate blue. Alternatively, charcoal or oatmeal threads blend well with Woodblock Whimsy. Looking for the right font? Two classic choices – Rounded and Headline – pair just right.

Whether you want a neutral but fun backdrop to your home organization or a versatile print to carry on the go, shop all of Thirty-One Gifts’ Woodblock Whimsy products!