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Better Together: Travel smarter this holiday season

The holiday season is a wonderful time filled with friends and family, gifts and delicious food. But more often than not, getting together with all your loved ones requires some travelling. Plus, there’s somehow always just one more thing to pack into your car! We want your holidays to be filled with more fun and less stress, so we put together some great product pairings to help your journeys go as smoothly as possible.

Outstandingly organized

Our All Packed Duffle is the perfect size for a road trip or long weekend away visiting family. All of your cozy sweaters needed to brace the cold weather will fit perfectly, including our Glamour Case where you can store all your cosmetics and toiletries. It also includes four brush holders and a clear PVC zip pocket. No spills or messes this trip!

If you need to do a quick makeup check on the way, just unzip your duffle and go! You won’t have to worry about rummaging through your perfectly folded clothes to get to your needed items. 

With this great travel duo, you’re sure to be organized, ready to go and of course, travelling in style!


Gifts galore!

Travelling usually includes carrying all those gifts you’ve worked hard to find all season to that special someone! Gifts big and small (those oddly shaped ones included!) need to be safely stored away from those stretched-out legs and heavy luggage.

A great way to store and tote your gifts is inside our Deluxe Utility Tote. It’s sturdy and stable, with plenty of room to stash away all those delicately wrapped or extra fragile presents. Instead of trying to stack your arms high as you walk into a home, just grab the handles (top or sides!) for an easy transfer inside to let the festivities begin!

And don’t forget to include a handy Zipper Pouch with your DUT. If you’re running late or just didn’t have time for all the extra wrapping, name tags, bows and decorations for your presents, toss these essentials into the pouch! It’s the perfect size for keeping supplies separate so you can focus on the details when you’ve got the time! It can also hold your cards or smaller gifts like jewelry and gift cards to make sure everything gets to your destination intact.

Perfectly prepared

It’s never a bad idea to be extra prepared for your holiday travels, especially if you have some antsy kiddos who don’t love long car rides or airports. Our Zip-Top Organizing Utility Tote paired with a classic Thermal Tote will ensure you’re ready for whatever the journey throws your way. The ZOUT includes plenty of pockets (seven to be exact!) to store and carry a variety of items while staying organized.

Need to keep your family entertained? Pack up some games, colouring books, toys and markers. Want to keep things cool (and the potentially messy items separate)? Add a Thermal Tote for snacks, drinks and utensils.

Wherever you’re headed this holiday season, these pairs are a great way to keep everything you need close at hand with no fuss, and avoid travelling stress!