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Build your perfect bag

1. Perfectly sized (and personalized!)

The perfect bag starts with quality materials and a roomy interior, with plenty of space for pouches and other organizing pieces. Keep only the essentials loose to save time and frustration – no more frantic digging for your phone while it rings or hunting for your keys outside your car in the rain! An elegant monogram highlights the fact that this bag was built just for you. Pictured: Around Town Tote

2. Write on

A mini zippered pouch in a fun print keeps pens, pencils and other stationery items within easy reach without marking up the inside of your bag. Load up another in a different print as a travel first-aid kit. Pictured: Mini Zipper Pouch

3. Saving face

Cosmetics, medications and other essentials (blotting papers, anyone?) are better together in a larger pouch – not being crushed at the bottom of your purse. Pictured: Zipper Pouch

4. Add some flair

Up the sophistication by tying on a breezy scarf in a complementary colour. (Bonus style points for casually hooking your sassy shades onto the side.) Pictured: Avenue Scarf

5. Keepin tabs

Crumpled receipts, forgotten gift cards and soon-to-expire coupons are no match for a dedicated wallet. Choose a bright colour in a durable fabric – this baby is going to get a lot of use! Add a wristlet strap to hang it from your shopping cart to easily access your coupons and tuck in new receipts. Pictured: All About the Benjamins with Wristlet Strap

6. The essentials

Keep your ID, office badge, credit cards and cash secure and close at hand with a zippered wallet in a fun print. Choosing a fabric with a different texture from your other pouches lets you grab it and go just by feel! Pictured: Perfect Cents Wallet

7. Tech support

Your tablet, earbuds, and chargers won’t end up in a tangled heap in the depths of your bag with a stylish and sleek tech case. Consider a chic monogram to elevate the personalization factor! Pictured: Rubie Mini