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Get spring break savvy!

Spring is in the air, and that means summer is only a stone’s throw away. But before the kids get out of school for a few months, there’s that lovely pause in March or April that gets you primed for warmer days ahead.

Yes, spring break is here – that much needed vacation between January and June when friends and families can relax on a sandy beach, hit the slopes on a snowy mountain or find a peaceful retreat deep in the woods. Wherever you end up spending your time off, we have some great tips and packing suggestions to help get you ready!

Planning your trip

Before you decide on where to go for your spring break, here are a few pre-journey tips to consider:

  1. Choose the right destination for everyone. Discuss ideas for travel destinations and what to do during your free time and be sure each person in your family has something to look forward to on the trip.
  2. Stay within your budget. Don’t blow your annual vacation budget in March or April if you plan to escape in the summer – prom season, end-of-year teacher gifts and extracurricular activities will be waiting upon your return!
  3. Look for travel deals. Many resorts and hotels offer deep discounts for spring break travel. Research the hotels and resorts in the area to which you’ll be traveling and compare prices.
  4. Don’t forget the essentials. If you wait to buy essentials, you’ll pay extra for items such as sunblock and toothpaste. Be sure to ask what toiletries and other products are provided before packing.
  5. Only let trusted people know you’re gone. Sharing updates about your trip on social media can be dangerous. Tell trustworthy friends and family that you’ll be traveling, and ask them to visit your house to ensure there is no suspicious activity.
  6. Travel on “off” days. Airline costs are higher and traffic is heaver on the weekends. Opt to travel midweek if you can. Plan to arrive and leave a day early so you have time to catch up on sleep once you arrive at your destination or back home.
Tips for the beach-bound

Taking some time to relax in a tropical paradise with crashing waves and swaying palm trees? A trip to the beach is the obvious choice for a spring break retreat and we have the goods on the best places to go, the items you’ll need and the totes, bags and pouches to keep it all neatly organized.

Family-friendly beach destination ideas


Follow these links for more details about family-friendly U.S. beaches and some of the best beaches in Canada.

What to take on your beach vacation
Sunglasses & sun hats/visors
Reef shoes/Flip-flops
Sunblock for adults & kids
After sun spray or gel
Beach games/Frisbee/paddleball, etc.
Goggles & snorkeling gear
Water inflatables (deflated)
Boogie boards
Collapsible beach coolers
Beach chairs
Beach towels
Water bottles
First-aid kit
Pack it up Thirty-One style
  • The Deluxe Utility Tote (DUT) with a Deluxe Top-A-Tote and/or the Large Utility Tote (LUT) with a Top-A-Tote are roomy and easy to carry from your hotel room to the beach or the car. Traveling to the beach by air? No worries. The DUT and LUT collapse down flat for easy packing in a larger suitcase. Both have durable, easy-to-wipe and clean laminated interiors.
  • The new Foldaway Tote makes a great personal beach bag for items like books, cover-ups, water bottles, phone and earbuds – and it tucks neatly away into its own handy pouch when you’re not using it. Or amp up the style (and the space) with the new Coastal Carry-All, with great new prints and 40% more room than last year’s popular Shore Enough beach bag.
  • Pack up your sun lotions, sprays, SPF lip balm and after-sun spray in a Zipper Pouch  or Mini Zipper Pouch to help protect clothes or other items from spills.
  • Our popular Tote-ally Thermal, with its Leak Lock® thermal lining, is back and big enough to hold ice, drinks and other snacks for the whole family.
Tips for the snow lovers

For some, chilling out on a cool, snowy mountain is the ideal spring break vacation. If your family is into skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing or just relaxing by a roaring fire in a rustic ski lodge, we have some ideas for places to go and how to pack.

Family-friendly snow/ski destinations


Find details and photos of U.S. ski resorts as chosen by the Travel Channel, and discover even more snowy Canadian destinations for families.

What to take on your ski resort vacation
Long underwear/thermals
Snow shoes
Ice skates
Warm socks
Ski gear (goggles, skis, poles, boots, gloves)
Sun screen
Lip balm with SPF
Waterproofing spray
Pack it up Thirty-One style
  •  If you’re driving to your snow and ski destination, the Deluxe Utility Tote (DUT) can keep your bulkier items together, like boots, skates and snowshoes. Pack up another DUT with everyone’s ski clothes:  coats, gloves, hats, goggles, thermals and more! 
  • Use the Small Utility Tote to carry along smaller necessities like sun screen, waterproofing spray, ski  spray, hand warmers and glove liners.
  •  If you’re flying, the Zip-Top Organizing Utility Tote or Away for the Weekender bag are great choices for packing an extra sweater or jacket and winter accessories like gloves, sunglasses, scarves and hats! 
Tips for the woodsy wanderers

If you want some peace and quiet during your spring break vacation, a cabin in the woods, a trip in the family camper or a restful week at a country lodge might be your cup of tea. If you love hiking, fishing, horseback riding and other outdoor adventures, check out these top family spots and tips on what to bring – and what to bring it in.

What to take on your great outdoors nature trip
First-aid kit
Bug spray & anti-itch cream
Hiking boots
Warm clothes & rain gear
Fishing gear
Sun screen
Non-perishable food
Trail maps
Tents/sleeping bags
Matches or lighters
Utensils/can opener
Cooking pans and plates
Camping chairs
Food storage containers
Towels/bathing supplies
Pack it up Thirty-One style
  •  For carrying camping supplies like flashlights, tools, boxed or canned goods, and a host of other essentials, the Large Utility Tote (LUT) and Deluxe Utility Tote (DUT) provide the sturdy yet easy-to-carry capacity you need. Once you’ve set up camp and unloaded your LUT or DUT, pack up  your fishing gear and head off to the lake. 
  • Have plans to go boating for the day? Don’t forget the drinks and snacks! The Fresh Market® Thermal and Picnic Thermal Tote both have a Leak Lock® lining for holding ice to keep your family’s lunches fresh and cool. 
  • If hiking is your thing, load up the Adventures Backpack with the things you’ll need while out on the trails, including first-aid supplies, sun screen, maps, food and water. For biking trips, the Sling-Back Bag is a great choice due to its hands-free, crossbody design.