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4 cute gift ideas for tweens

Tween: that wonderful (or awkward) age when a girl is not quite a kid anymore but also not quite a teenager. Tween-dom is a time of changing interests and exploring different styles, so help make those tween years a little more fun with one of these cute gifts that can go from the halls of her middle school to best-friend hangouts in a snap. Gifts for tweens can be tough to think of, so here’s a handy cheat-sheet of our favourites!

School in style

Every new school year is a chance for a fresh start, and nothing will put your tween in the mood to hit the halls more than a stylish backpack. The Boutique Backpack puts a more grown-up spin on the classic backpack, with a chic faux leather finish that easily wipes clean. The exterior pockets are great to tuck in her cell phone or lip balm, and the compact body is small enough to slip easily into a locker or under her desk. A fun monogram or other personalization will add a special touch to your tween’s gift, and also means she’ll always be able to spot her bag in the lost and found. Plus our range of fun neutral colors makes it easy to pick her favorite look to make her backpack the ultimate statement piece!

On the go

You know the drill: from school to practice, practice to rehearsal, rehearsal to her best friend’s house. Your tween’s schedule is almost as busy as yours, so she needs a purse that won’t weigh her down. Smaller crossbody bags and wallets with straps make cute purses for tweens, like Thirty-One Gift’s  Call Me™ Crossbody. Just the right size for a smartphone and a few credit cards, it means she’ll always have the essentials on her while keeping both hands free. Or try the Perfect Cents® Wallet with a matching wristlet strap so she'll always have her wallet close at hand whether she's on the bus home or at the mall.

Best friends forever

Your tween can come to you for anything, but there are some things that only a BFF can understand. Personalizing our Cherish Bracelet with a Just Write™ Rectangle Charm lets your tween put a twist on a classic friendship bracelet to create a gift she’ll cherish. Let her customize the charm with her own cute message, from "Best Friends Forever" to their first names, and then help her wrap up that special gift for the one who is always there for her! Or try a Beaded Charm Bracelet loaded up with Just Write™ Large Circle Charms that capture their friendship, like a heart, her bestie’s initials or a photo of them together.

Keep it cool

Before we know it, our tweens will be teens, young adults and parents themselves. But until then, it's all we can do to make sure they pack their lunch every morning! A fun Around The Clock® Thermal or the Lunch Buddy™ Thermal can make packing those snacks more exciting. These cute lunch bags can be customized with different prints and embroidered Icon-Its™ to match their backpacks or express their personalities. Add a basketball for your star player, a music note for your rock star or a dragonfly for your outdoor explorer to make a cool thermal bag that's one-of-a-kind – just like they are.

How will you make your tween's day? Let us know with the #thirtyone hashtag!