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How to tie a scarf: 10 great looks

One of the easiest ways to add variety to your look may already be hiding in your closet! A long, rectangular scarf is one of the most versatile pieces in any wardrobe – and with so many ways to wear it, it’s one of the most valuable pieces, too. From quick knots and simple wraps to creative cowls and more, read on for 10 of our favourite scarf-tying tips.

1. Simple pull-through

Hold your scarf in the middle, then pull it across the back of your neck. Reach your hand through the loop and grab both loose ends. Pull the ends through the loop made by the folded end and fluff it up around your neck.

2. Waterfall kerchief

Loop your scarf loosely around your neck so one end hangs much lower than the other. Pull one corner of the long end across your chest and tuck it into the loop around your neck on the opposite side. Fluff the two layers together so no space is showing between them. The loose corner will hang down in the center, forming a stylish kerchief shape.

3. Over-the-shoulder vest

To amp up the warmth factor along with your style, drape your scarf across your shoulders and knot it behind your back. Pull the sides of your scarf down your arms to form cap sleeves. This works great over backless tops and sleeveless dresses!

4. Classic loop

Super simple, with plenty of ways to mix it up! For a classic look that’s incredibly quick, put the scarf around the front of your neck so the ends hang down your back. Cross the ends behind your neck and bring each around to the front. Let both ends hang down freely.

5. Boho loop

To give the ends a cascading look, first fold your scarf in half lengthwise – but don’t line up the sides. Skew the fold to create a V-shape at each side. Then keep it casual by dropping the front loop away from your neck before bringing the tapered ends to the front.

6. Head scarf

Fold your scarf in half lengthwise a few times (depending on the width). Starting at your forehead, wrap the folded scarf down and around the nape of the neck and back up to the front. Tie the ends in a loose knot. Tuck the ends underneath the scarf for a clean look or let the ends stick out for a little retro flair!

7. Belted vest

What could be easier? Polish your look – and show off that gorgeous pattern – by turning your scarf into a stylish vest. Put the scarf around your neck with the ends hanging down evenly in front. Now buckle a belt of any width over the scarf ends and fluff it a bit to be sure you can move your arms freely.

8. Criss-cross vest

Add some creative flair by crossing the ends over each other before belting your scarf.

9. Cozy neck wrap

To get an infinity scarf look with any scarf, start by loosely rolling your scarf lengthwise. Gently circle your neck twice and secure with a half-knot in the back.

10. Simple shrug

Seriously simple: Just throw your scarf around your shoulders!