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Think outside the diaper bag!

We’ve gathered the most functional styles and inventive options for taking your ever-expanding baby gear arsenal on the road! Whether you're looking for stylish solutions, practical products or both, check out the six categories below to find your ideal bag.

There’s no need to sacrifice style for family-friendly functionality! Choose a posh tote with plenty of mom-only interior pockets to keep your wallet, keys and phone separated and easy to find. There’s even enough room for older kids’ snacks, books and tech!

The secret to making these gorgeous and roomy styles work for Baby is a removable internal organizing system. Load one up with diapers, wipes, sunscreen and a change of clothes to create a miracle mommy bundle! Clip on a small, washable thermal pouch with a bottle, and you and your non-diaper bag are ready to go in style.

Any experienced parent will tell you that when it comes to kids, it seems you never have enough hands! Thankfully, some of the season’s trendiest hands-free styles work great for Baby! Select a backpack or crossbody bag in a size that fits your needs. Be sure it has a variety of open and zippered pockets to house all your gear.

With these popular styles, personalization is a must: Your bag will stand out from the crowd with Baby’s name and a sweet design in complementing colours. Visit our new Personalization page to create your own custom baby bag!

Skip the nursery prints: Dad will appreciate a hands-free knapsack in a camo print or solid colour. For Dads on the go, a smaller organizing tote with exterior pockets keeps gear within easy reach. Or choose a fold-up style with clear pockets – hang it on a bathroom hook for a DIY solution to men’s rooms without changing stations.

The key here is to keep everything handy and straightforward. One dad we asked had this tip: Pre-pack zipper pouches with a clean onesie and diaper, then keep them in a Your Way Cube by the front door – perfect to grab and go for quick trips!

Once you finally get out the door, the real adventure begins! Why not be ready for anything by turning your vehicle into a mobile baby station? (We know – between the car seat, stroller, sun shades, backseat mirror and kid-friendly tunes, it kind of is already.) Pack up a structured bin or expandable caddy to keep in your center console or between the seats.

Or choose a style that transports between home and car easily, like a clear PVC bag with sturdy handles. Transparent sides mean never again digging for a loose binky, and it even comes with a fabric zipper pouch – use it to keep smaller items contained or personal items out of sight.

Go small but still hold it all by adopting a versatile crossbody thermal as your baby bag. A large front flap provides on-trend messenger bag flair while keeping bottles and snacks cool. This one even has an interior mesh pocket for diapers and such. Or pick a petite travel case with see-through sections for on-the-go organization.

This minimalistic style means you’ll need to get creative with your other accessories. For example, instead of packing up a specialized (not to mention expensive and unwieldy) nursing cover, just throw on a wide, lightweight scarf in a bold print for discrete nursing while you’re out and about.

What else can we say? The ZOUT is our most popular diaper bag solution! Our Zip-Top Organizing Utility Tote has seven exterior pockets, a zippered top and room to tuck in the bottle thermal of your choice. After all, you can’t go wrong with a classic!