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Transform your pantry!

Are you tired of peeking into your pantry and seeing a mess? Then give this often-overlooked space a much-needed makeover! Declutter things by adding organizers and rearranging shelves to make an uber-functional, time-saving and visually pleasing space for your food and kitchen supplies.

First things first: clear out all the food, spices, boxes and other miscellaneous products sitting on the shelves and floor. This is a great opportunity to give your pantry a good scrubbing to start with a (literally) clean slate!

Now, take a step back and visualize what you want your pantry to look like – and how you want it to function. What food items, utensils and supplies do you use on a daily basis? (Plan to store those at eye level.) The items you use only occasionally can take a spot on a higher shelf.

Get organized

Arrange canisters and Lazy Susans, along with your favourite Your Way products by Thirty-One, in your pantry to add some organization. Place colour-coordinated Your Way CubesYour Way Rectangles and Your Way Baskets on shelves to hide the bits and pieces, and use Large Utility Totes to make the most of floor space when you buy in bulk.

Fill labeled canisters with staples like cereals, pasta and other dry foods to keep them fresh and easy to find. Keep cookbooks and food magazines together in a Catch-All Bin to easily find a recipe. Tuck your Lazy Susans into the corners to maximize every bit of space, and fill them with woven Your Way Bins and handy Oh-Snap Bins for convenient storage.

Be sure to personalize your Thirty-One products when you order so everything has a place of its own. There are plenty of fun options to choose from that incorporate ampersands, hashtags and cooking-themed Icon-Its – or write your own messages to give your pantry a fun, themed look. Grab a marker and label your canisters so you know what’s inside. And scribble what’s in your baggies hanging from hooks, so you don’t grab the wrong snack!

Show us your new space!

Be brave, be bold and have no fear when you open your pantry now! Share your pictures with us: We love seeing new organized spaces that make great use of our fun and functional Thirty-One products. Tag us using #thirtyone to show off your new look!

See it in action!

Pantry gone wild (0:45)