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2019 vision board: Design the life you love

At Thirty-One Gifts, we’re all about helping you design the life you love. That could mean having a great time shopping together with your friends. Getting tons of free products for hosting a party. Sharing your giving heart. Or earning cash, trips and more on your own schedule when you launch your business. (If that last one sounds good to you, definitely ask your Consultant how to get started!)

But in order to start designing the life you love, you’ll first need to figure out what that life looks like for you! That’s where a vision board comes in.

What’s a vision board, and how does it work?

Sometimes called a “dream board,” this fun-to-make tool can help you narrow down your goals, then visualize them consistently in a personal and inspiring way. Research has found that visualizing your goals is a powerful way to train your brain and, in turn, your body to actually achieve them. Whether you’re aiming for that promotion at work, a health and fitness goal like running a 5k, creating your dream kitchen or building the confidence to try something new, a vision board can help focus your attention to get you there.

A vision board can take the form of a collage, poster, journal, Pinterest board, smartphone app, cork board or any physical or digital format that works for you, as long as you display it in a space where you’ll see it often. (Refrigerator door, anyone?)

What should go on my vision board?

The limited space of a dream board challenges you to include only those aspirations that truly matter to you. The process of choosing images and words to include is a meaningful exercise in focus and honesty.

When it comes to selecting each element of your board, the more specific you can get, the better. Instead of cutting out the first photo of a coastline you see in a travel magazine, go online and print out a shot of the wooden pier in that quaint little beach town you’ve been saving up to visit. Or if you strive to make an impact with your work or to build your community, choose images and quotes from people you admire like authors, actors, humanitarians, artists or successful people in your field.

Arrange all of the images, words and other items you’ve selected before you attach them your board. Glue or tape (or digitally add) the photos, words, sketches, quotes and any other elements you’ve thoughtfully chosen for your board. The only rule of vision boards is that there are no rules, so feel free to create a tool that speaks only to you.

How to take your dream board to the next level

Instead of including only images of things you want, build your board to reflect how you want to feel, too: Think of the feather you picked up during a perfect afternoon at the park, the valentine from your middle school crush or the label from a brand of tea you like to brew on cold winter nights.

Vision board what?

Find a home for your vision board in a place where you’ll be sure to see it every day. Try setting it on your nightstand, on the washroom counter or near the back door.

Schedule time once each week to sit with your dream board and visualize your goals. Just 10 minutes can help you refocus and remind you of the desires of your heart. Don’t forget to reflect on your happiness and gratitude for any steps you’ve taken so far toward achieving the goals depicted on your board. Walk away with a renewed sense of motivation and a recommitment to making your dreams come true!