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Thirty-One asks: What’s your wish?

Every day, Thirty-One offers our Consultants the flexibility to earn extra income, build lasting friendships and live the life they love by sharing our fun, functional products and giving back in their own communities.

But they also have the opportunity to earn amazing rewards like business supplies and gift cards through our signature rewards program, Wishes Come TrueTM.

Read on to learn how some of our Thirty-One Consultants are choosing to cash in their Wishes Rewards to make their dreams – and their families’ dreams – come true!

Nicole's wish

“Several years ago, my husband and I set out on a journey to travel to all 50 states with our kids before our oldest turned 18. I left my full-time teaching job a year and a half ago and I thought I was going to have to sacrifice travel because my ‘extra’ income from Thirty-One was suddenly going to be my ‘full-time’ income. With Wishes Rewards, I was still able to have that extra income to travel with my family. So far we have visited 29 states together. We’ve recently begun the conversation about becoming a full-time travel family, where we RV from place to place. Wishes Rewards has allowed that to become a possibility for us!”

Valerie's wish

“Our daughter graduated from college in May 2018, and in September she packed her bags and moved to St. Petersburg, Russia. I didn’t know when I would ever see her again! But because of Wishes Rewards, I was able to turn in 2,000 points for $1,000 in VISA® gift cards and meet her in Strasbourg, France, for a week. My Wishes Rewards paid for my airline ticket and our rental apartment for the week, with a little extra for spending money.”

Alex's wish

“My husband and I will be going back to Mexico on our second honeymoon, where we traveled almost 10 years ago. We are so excited and looking forward to a trip away with just the two of us. We are super grateful and couldn’t be happier for everything Thirty-One has done to bless our family!”

“My daughter, who is in college right now, doesn’t have the same spring break as my son, who’s still in high school. I told my husband I think it would be nice if she and I just went on a little vacation. I picked out a place for us to stay on the beach, and we’re going to stay there for a week – just the two of us. Thanks to Wishes Rewards, I cashed in $1,500 in VISA® cards: $500 paid for our flights, $500 for our room and the other $500 is going to be for any incidentals, fun meals and playing on the beach. I am so thankful Thirty-One gave me this opportunity to spend this time with her!”

Ready to start making your wishes come true with Thirty-One? Connect with your Consultant to learn more about joining their team!

Thirty-One Gifts Canada Inc. Statement of Typical Participant’s Earnings – 2018: The primary source of income of a Typical Participant in the Compensation Plan (the "Plan") of Thirty-One Gifts Canada Inc. ("Thirty-One") is from compensation on personal and downline sales of products and/or services. Personal earnings will vary. A Typical Participant in the Plan is defined as an Independent Consultant who actively engages in the activities necessary to realize the benefits of the Plan (i.e. active in at least five of twelve months). A Typical Participant in the Plan earns between Cdn $139 and $2,000 annually. Please note that these earnings have been derived from the past earnings experiences of Thirty-One. This Statement of Typical Participant's Earnings will be updated annually.